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    Report: New Stratos DOA, neo Alpine possible?

    Stick a fork in it. The New Stratos is done. Reports kicking around the web have confirmed Ferrari has put the nix on any hopes of a production run. As you may recall, the New Stratos prototype was built off of the bones of a Ferrari F430. Pininfarina supplied the vehicle's carbon fiber skin, and ...

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    Report: Car stereo prices set to soar

    According to CE Outlook, the price of car stereo components may be on the rise. The report says that even before Japan suffered its earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters, manufacturers responsible for automotive audio equipment were already beginning to increase MSRPs. The main source of that ...

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    Rumormill: Alpine coming back... again... for real

    Autocar reports that the suits at Renault are keeping the dream of a true successor to the Alpine alive and well. The pub quotes Laurens van den Acker, the new vice-president of corporate design for Renault, as saying that he believes there's room for an affordable sports car in the company's ...

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    REPORT: Renault to relaunch Gordini performance brand in 2010

    While it may seem like an inopportune time to exhume a performance marque, that's just what Renault is up to, says Car. According to the U.K. glossy, Renault will relaunch the Gordini brand in Europe next year with a new Twingo variant. You may recall that it was recently revealed that the French ...

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    REPORT: Renault's Alpine revival is D.O.A.

    Just like that, it's over. Renault had been working on bringing back the Alpine nameplate with a sports car being co-developed as the Nissan 200SX. But according to Autocar, economic strain has led to the vaporization of both programs, even though development was quite far along. Rumors have been ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Brazilian student dreams up new Renault Alpine

    Click above for a high-res gallery of Marcello Felipe Maggioni's Renault New Alpine
    Between the GT-R and the Z-car, Nissan has a rich history of fine sportscars. However, its French sister company is another story. Since discontinuing the Alpine in 1996, Renault's sporting spirit has had to ...

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    CES 2009: Alpine keeps in touch with iPod users

    Alpine has had iPod compatibility for years, but the user interface has been decidedly un-Apple. Alpine hopes to rectify matter with its new touch-screen iXA-W404 unit works, which boasts a new interface, new features and all the connected goodies audiophiles on the move require.iPod and iPhone ...

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    Rumormill: Renault Alpine could be based off Nissan 370Z

    We've been following the developments of Renault's revival of the Alpine marque since earlier this year, and its been confirmed that the first of several new models will debut sometime in 2010. From the beginning, Renault made it clear that Alpine would benefit from dedicated models, rather than ...

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    Scarlet Slopes: Ferrari ski equipment by Dynastar-Lange

    If you're looking to inject some octane into your winter-time outdoor activities and the Saab/Salomon Aero X skis are just too Scandinavian for your tastes, there's good news from the front. The latest in the war on "ordinary" products from the central command in Maranello: Ferrari skis from ...

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    Saab and Salomon take the Aero X concept to the slopes

    It could be their unmistakably Nordic appeal, but if you head to any respectable ski resort, you're likely to see a fair few Saabs with roof-racks in the parking lots, next to Volvo wagons (but very few Koenigseggs). In partnership with winter-sport equipment giant Salomon, Saab has been ...

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    Renault Alpine coming in 2010 with midship turbo-power

    Renault hasn't done much to tap into its Formula One successes, nor has it provided credible competition to the RX-8s and 350Zs of the world. That's all going to change come 2010. Renault is expected to revive the much-loved Alpine name and slap it on the back of two-door coupe powered by a ...

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    Renault to revive Alpine name for "radical" new sports car

    Renault is working on not one, but a whole line of new sportscars to add to its current line-up of hatchbacks and minivans. Our European brethren aren't likely to see anything within the next three years – despite earlier rumors that a small roadster would be coming in 2009 – as ...

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    CES 2007: Alpine debuts the Mercedes RLS

    UPDATE: Click here for Alpine's unveiling of the RLSClick the image above for a full gallery. var digg_url = ''; Alpine is well known for their great-sounding home and car electronics. They're also known for their, um, ...

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    New small Rover packs big audio punch: Dolby Pro Logic II 7.1 debuts on LR2

    Land Rover, Land Rover, send surround sound over! Land Rover's all-new Freelander, to be dubbed LR2 Stateside, will be the first-ever vehicle to use Dolby® Pro Logic II® 7.1 surround sound. Sure, almost all vehicles have a rudimentary version of surround sound with speakers taking residence ...

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    Aftermarket auto parts now a $34B business in the US

    Showing yet another year of strong growth, the specialty-equipment aftermarket parts business grew by 9 percent in 2005 to end up at $34.3B. That's nearly double the size of the market ten years ago, and in each of those years, the auto aftermarket has grown at a faster rate than the ...

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    Wards names industry's top interiors, features

    Wards Auto World magazine has come through with its 'Best Interior and Interior Features' awards for the seventh time, which lauds vehicles, manufacturers and suppliers for creating compelling interiors and individual features (e.g. navigation and sound systems, seats, and the all ...

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    Alpine Electronics launches XM Radio Navtraffic receiver

    We've all been there - you've just zipped past the last exit for a couple of miles on your morning commute, you sail over a rise and find... brake lights, as far as the eye can see. If only you'd known the jam was there, you could have taken that exit. If only... Well, here's a gadget that can ...


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