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    VIDEO: It's Footloose with mimes... it's the 1985 Renault Alliance Convertible!

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    When it comes to fashion and cars, the Eighties were not one of our better decades. Marketing efforts weren't so great either, and a long forgotten extended commercial for the 1985 Renault Alliance Convertible makes a case that all three elements ...

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    BREAKING: Chrysler and Nissan announce major supply agreements, shared products

    digg_url = ''; Following the announcement this past January that Nissan would be supplying Chrysler with a new car based of the Versa's platform, the two automakers announced today that more exchange is on the horizon, ...

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    Sorry Volvo, Renault's just not that into you

    It's no secret that Volvo has had an "FOR SALE" sign posted at the front door for some time now, but the number of bidders actually interested in the company are fast diminishing. The latest company to declare its non-interest is Renault, whose CEO Carlos Ghosn claimed that they were not interested ...

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    Ghosn seeking partnership with US automaker again

    According to the French newspaper Le Parisien, Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn is on the hunt again for a U.S. partner. Considering that talks with General Motors about a possible alliance fell through last year when neither side could agree on what the other's partnership was worth, Ghosn has only ...

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    Ford officially responds to talk of Toyota alliance

    We just received an official statement from Ford regarding the hoopla surrounding Ford CEO Alan Mulally visiting Japan last week with President of the Americas Mark Fields in tow and meeting with executives from Toyota. Here it is."We meet regularly with other automakers on a variety of topics of ...

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    Ford CEO meets with Toyota on potential partnership

    The old saying goes that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Ford has long since resigned itself to the fact that the #2 automaker in the U.S. will soon not be wearing a Blue Oval for a badge. Instead, Toyota is expected to occupy the numero dos position as soon as January, with Ford's market share ...

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    Ghosn taking a break from merger manhunt

    The dust has settled on the mergerama between Renault/Nissan and GM (plus a few other rumored alliances), and for the time being the CEO of the Franco-Japanese automaker, Carlos Ghosn, has called it quits.Currently, it's all about timing and right now Nissan has bigger things on the horizon. ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #44

    Last week's biggest chunk of auto news was undoubtedly the dissolution of talks between General Motors and Renault/Nissan over a proposed alliance, and it's also the biggest chunk of audio on this week's Autoblog Podcast, Episode #44. As mentioned in a prior post today, we also talk about the spy ...

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    What went wrong? Analysis of GM/Renault-Nissan talks

    UPDATE: They Speak! Official release addressing dissolution of talks after jump.We're now awaiting official word from Renault (it came, see after jump) concerning the break off of talks between the automaker, its alliance partner Nissan, and General Motors. While we're waiting, we thought you'd be ...

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    Report: GM and Renault/Nissan end talks

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that talks between General Motors and Renault/Nissan have ended. The news comes from an unnamed person familiar with the situation, which could be the guy that fills the water glasses on the conference table, and Renault so far is refusing to comment. We do know ...

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    GM and Renault/Nissan come back into the forefront, continuing talks

    There's been a lot of buzz in the air distracting us from the proposed alliance between General Motors and Renault/Nissan, including talk about a GM alliance with Ford, purported "lukewarm feelings" within the ranks at GM about becoming aligned with the French-Japanese powerhouse, and even GM ...

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    Ghosn may start talks with Ford

    Fresh rumors Friday suggest that disappointing progress in Renault-Nissan's talks with General Motors may be shifting attention to a Ford-Renault-Nissan linkup... again.According to people familiar with the GM talks, not only does it look unlikely that Renault and Nissan will take an equity stake ...

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    BREAKING! GM and Ford rumored alliance

    Automotive News reported early this morning that senior executives within Ford and GM have explored the possibility of an alliance, even a merger, in the near future.The supposed talks between the two Detroit titans began sometime in July, soon after Rick Wagoner and Carlos Ghosn began ...

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    Acquisition and mergers and joint ventures, oh my!

    Forbes automotive columnist Jerry Flint provides a history lesson of various automotive couplings and even triads to illustrate that while a few have been beneficial to one or (rarely) all parties, most fall flat on their faces. None, however, are easy for any of the parties, successful or ...

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    Is Hyundai the latest to succumb to merger fever?

    Well here's a merger candidate coming out of left field lane. Hyundai Motors, still reeling from the imprisonment of its CEO Chung Mong-Koo (who has since been released) and on-going union strikes, could be looking for a partner. Apparently the possibility of a GM and Renault/Nissan alliance, plus ...

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    Could Toyota beat Nissan/Renault to the punch?

    Forget Carlos Ghosn and Renault-Nissan... if you're going to sell out, do it right. According to BusinessWeek, Toyota Motor Company is none too excited to see any kind of partnership between Renault-Nissan and GM, let alone a 20-percent stake in GM for Ghosn's company. An alliance, which GM CEO ...

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    Never say never: Ford willing to team with other automakers

    Talk about eerie. Shortly after news that Genera Motors was to engage in talks about an alliance with Renault/Nissan, every columnist worth his salt began to speculate about Ford Motor Co. forming a similar alliance with another automaker in the industry. Many pointed out that such a team-up would ...

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    Wagoner and Ghosn meet - 90 day confidential review decided upon

    General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner and Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn finally met yesterday in Detroit to discuss a potential alliance between their two companies that was first proposed by GM's largest individual shareholder, Kirk Kerkorian, two weeks ago. The meeting resulted in an agreement to ...

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    Top 5 Worst Collaborations

    While pondering the repercussions of an alliance between General Motors and Nissan/Renault, we realized our future automotive landscape might include an Altima wearing a bowtie or a pushrod-powered 350Z. Some of the combinations could be interesting, but history has proven that when two automakers ...

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    Ghosn says "no" to top spot at GM; is not currently talking with Ford

    As talks approach with General Motors head Rick Wagoner, Carlos Ghosn is stating that he has no desire to head up the conglomerate if a merger of sorts takes place. Apparently, he feels that he's busy enough running both Nissan and Renault. Ghosn did show some interest in getting a board seat if a ...


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