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    Fiat unveils five-year product plan, we dissect in detail

    Fiat's Five-Year Business Plan – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It would seem that Fiat head Sergio Marchionne is nothing if not ambitious. Following the seven-hour-long marathon presentation of Chrysler's latest business plan back in November of 2009, the giant Italian automaking ...

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    Alfa Romeo return to U.S. confirmed with big ambition, Chrysler will provide pair of CUVs

    Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta concept by Pininfarina – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Italiophiles rejoice! Though the move isn't unexpected, Fiat's Sergio Marchionne has officially confirmed that the Alfa Romeo brand will make a return appearance to the United States starting in ...

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    Report: 2013 Alfa Romeo Spider, 2012 Giulia to be based on RWD Chrysler platform

    Alfa Romeo Spider – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to the comprehensive five-year plan which Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne unveiled today, the next generation of Alfa Romeos are slated to be based on a Chrysler platform. Among those models will be the replacement ...

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    Alfa Romeo to host centenary rally for 3000 Alfas in Milan

    There's no shortage of ways for an automaker to celebrate a big anniversary. Debuting a pivotal new product – like the new Giulietta – is one of 'em. Commissioning a series of concept cars – like the Pininfarina 2uettottanta, Bertone Pandion and Zagato TZ3 Corsa – is ...

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    Zagato teases Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa ahead of Villa d'Este

    Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa by Zagato – Click above for high-res image
    A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Zagato was planning to unveil a new Alfa Romeo at the upcoming Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. Now the stoic Italian carrozzeria has released the first teaser image (above) and initial ...

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    Alfa Romeo Giulietta hits the European market with full details, photos

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ladies and Gents, say hello to the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Then say goodbye. Because although Alfa Romeo says this car is slated to reach "all major markets," apparently that doesn't include North America. Following its ...

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    Zagato reportedly to unveil new Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa concept at Villa d'Este

    Particularly astute (and Alfa-fanatical) readers may have noticed something missing from the Geneva Motor Show last month. With Alfa Romeo celebrating its centenary this year, the stoic Italian brand was reported to be commissioning three of Italy's finest design studios to produce concept cars ...

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    Report: Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan to launch next year?

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Click above to jump to the online configurator
    With the new Giulietta now out in the open, Alfa Romeo's attention is turning to its big brother. Set to replace the 159 sometime next year, the highly-anticipated nuova Giulia promises to improve on the outgoing sedan's ...

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    Report: Hotter Alfa Romeo Giulietta to get dual-clutch gearbox and 235 hp

    2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Coach Sergio Marchionne has asked his temperamental star player, Alfa Romeo, to raise its game. Working to help that happen, the coach hasn't stopped tinkering with the gameplan, trying to get Alfa out of another quasi-bust ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Alfa 4C coming to Pebble Beach?

    Alfa Romeo says it achieved its objectives with the stunning 8C Competizione. Now the brand known for the quadrifoglio wants to make the same kind of splash – only bigger – and rumor has it that it will do so by unveiling an Alfa 4C at this year's Pebble Beach Concours. Automobile ...

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    Geneva 2010: Alfa Romeo Giulietta stops traffic

    2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Romeo & Giulietta. The names go together like gin and tonic. And now, finally, after a quarter century, the star-crossed nameplate has returned. We just got our first look up close here at the Geneva Motor Show, and ...

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    Geneva 2010: Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta concept by Pininfarina

    Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta concept by Pininfarina – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's all about the anniversaries up here in Geneva. Alfa Romeo is celebrating its centenary, and like the show itself, Pininfarina is marking its 80th this year. And when a design house as venerated as ...

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    Bertone's Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept leaks ahead of Geneva

    Stile Bertone Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept leaked images – Click above for image gallery
    The raging torrent of pre-Geneva Motor Show leaks is officially in full effect today as a series of images showing off Bertone's new Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept have hit the Interwebs (thanks ...

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    Marchionne: Alfa Romeo back in the U.S. by 2012

    Alfa Romeo 159 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's been 15 years since Alfa Romeo last sold vehicles in the U.S. market, but according to Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, we won't have to wait much longer for a chance to own a vehicle donning the Cross and Serpent. Automotive News is ...

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    Report: Two Fiat-based small cars to replace PT Cruiser, Caliber in 2012

    Late last year, Alfa Romeo previewed the all-new Giulietta ahead of its reveal at next month's Geneva Motor Show. While the five-door hatch is enough to make Stateside consumers weak in the knees – particularly in Quadrifoglio Verde trim – the impact in the U.S. figures to be much ...

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    Bertone teases Geneva-bound Alfa Romeo concept

    Alfa Romeo concept sketch by Stile Bertone – Click above for high-res image
    Two down, one to go. Well...not quite. Three of Italy's most venerable design houses are set to unveil concept cars at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show that will at once both celebrate Alfa Romeo's centenary (and, by ...

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    Geneva Preview: Alfa-based Pininfarina Spider concept to make its debut

    Pininfarina is celebrating its own 80th birthday, as well as Alfa Romeo's 100th, by unveiling a new concept at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The Pininfarina Spider show car is, naturally, a two-seat roadster based on Alfa Romeo mechanicals. It's intended to pay tribute to the longstanding ...

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    Fiat unites Maserati, Abarth, Alfa Romeo under one CEO

    With the unification of Fiat and Chrysler, we're been expecting major changes in the corporate structure of the two automakers and their various brands. Most recently, Lancia chief executive Olivier Francois was named head of the Chrysler division, leading to reports that the two brands – ...

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    Video: Alfa Romeo Giullietta gets teased

    Alfa Romeo Giullietta in the flesh – Click above to watch the video
    It's rare that teaser ads are anything but that – teasers. Usually, they don't show you the car, last about the length of a sneeze and are created only to virally spin out of control. See here if you're not sure what ...

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    Autodelta takes on the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

    As far as Alfa Romeos go, the 8C Competizione is as exotic as they come. Still, some are looking for more. Originally, rumors surfaced that Alfa was working on a lightweight GTA version, but while we wait for that to pan out, Alfa tuner par excellence Autodelta is working on tuning the svelte ...


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