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alfa romeo milano

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    Alfa Romeo return to U.S. confirmed with big ambition, Chrysler will provide pair of CUVs

    Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta concept by Pininfarina – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Italiophiles rejoice! Though the move isn't unexpected, Fiat's Sergio Marchionne has officially confirmed that the Alfa Romeo brand will make a return appearance to the United States starting in ...

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    Alfa Romeo previews stylish new Giulietta

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's been a long time in the making. It has changed names several times along the way. But it's finally here. Well, almost. It's the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and it's coming to the Geneva Motor Show this March to coincide with its ...

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    REPORT: Alfa Romeo nixes "Milano" designation for 147 successor, ponders Giulietta

    In truth, Alfa Romeo didn't simply rename the coming model formerly known as "Milano" to "Giulietta." It was Fiat's unhappy Milanese workers who made a stink awful enough to get the company to change course in nomenclature. Seems the new Milano was due to arrive as the last of the Milanese ...

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    Alfa Romeo Milano comes into focus

    The Alfa Romeo 147 was voted European Car of the Year. But that was way back in 2001, the year after its launch. And despite a mid-cycle refresh, it's since grown a little long in the tooth. The Italian automaker introduced the MiTo to replace the three-door 147 last year, and has been hard at ...

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    Alfa Giulia coming to America sans MiTo, Milano?

    Following the confirmation of Chrysler's tie-in with the Fiat group, images began swirling around our imaginations of the imminent arrival of Alfa Romeo models current and future. That may, according to reports emerging from Italy, prove a little premature. (It happens to lots of guys, we hear). ...

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    Spy Shots: Alfa Romeo Milano stopped by police by the Nurburgring

    If you're looking at spy shots of a European hatchback and wondering, "Why should I care?", we'll tell you why. This car is, in all likelihood, coming to America. The test mule was snapped while stopped by local police, which isn't something you see every day. Oh, and it was near the Nurburgring, ...

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    Spy Shots: Alfa Romeo Milano fresh off production line... still headed for America?

    Alfa Romeo Milano spy shots -- Click above for image gallery
    We're not entirely sure where they originated, but some brazen soul has taken a series of camera phone photos of what appears to be a brace of production-line Alfa Romeo Milano hatchbacks. Although low-res, these shots provide the best ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Alfa Romeo Milano, the next 147

    Although Car magazine says the coming Alfa Romeo Milano (nee 147) is "quite different from the Mito mini," their rendering of the car makes it look an awful lot like a Mito with two more doors. Not that there's anything wrong with that, since it just means more of a good thing. Compared to its 147 ...

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    Court documention reveals which Fiats and Alfas are destined for U.S.

    Fiat 500 - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Curious which of its models Fiat plans to send over to the United States to sell through its planned partnership with Chrysler? Wonder no more. The most recent set of documents filed in Chrysler's Chapter 11 proceedings offer a number of ...

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    Spy Shots: Next Alfa Romeo Milano spotted

    One of the Alfa Romeos the U.S. buying public got to know (and largely ignore) was the Milano. Back then, the Milano was a wedgy, compact sedan with a proper trunk. From the looks of things, Alfa is prepared to resurrect the Milano name, only this time it won't go on another sedan. Instead, it's ...

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    Upcoming Alfa Milano, Giulia nameplates revealed... by Chrysler

    The industry is waiting to see how the partnership between Chrysler and Fiat will work out. With the automakers of the world conglomerating into larger auto groups, there are plenty of precedents. But while only time will tell how the relationship will develop, we might have our first glimpse ...


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