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    Geneva 2009: Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA concept

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept
    There are pie-in-the-sky concept cars and then there are coming-to-a-showroom-near-you concept cars. The Alfa MiTo GTA is the latter, and from what we've seen that's a good thing, especially as Fiat's new partnership with ...

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    Will the real European Car of the Year winner please stand up?

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Alfa MiTo
    It's that time of year, when various agencies far and wide begin handing out awards for the new crop of cars. The '09 model-year vehicles are all known by now and the press has had plenty of time to size up the competition. Recently, The Detroit ...

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    Fiat postpones Alfa's return to the States?

    Dang. And everything was looking so good for a return of the Alfa Romeo brand to the United States. Too bad, it seems, 'cause the latest reports indicate that the Italian purveyor of stylish automobiles such as the Brera, 159 and the drool-worthy 149 will be pushed back to 2011 at the earliest. ...

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    What's Italian for drool? Alfa 149 images hit the web

    Alfa's MiTo already has us excited enough, and now along come images of the upcoming 149. Auto Express has put two shots of the pleasingly-styled hatch online. The 149, a replacement for the 147, shares some familial styling cues with the MiTo, which in turn shares some lines with the 8C ...

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    North American Exclusive First Drive: Alfa MiTo

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Alfa MiTo It's Saturday night and I'm out on the town. My friend – like half of the guys in the room – is eyeing the pretty blond across the bar, but at least he knows he doesn't have to worry about competition from my corner. Because there's a ...

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    Alfa MiTo GTA confirmed with 230hp

    Following earlier speculation, reports now confirm that Alfa Romeo will produce a high-performance version of its new MiTo hatchback that will wear the vaunted GTA badge. The nameplate was historically used on top-of-the-line performance-oriented Alfas, and will make a comeback with the ...

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    VIDEO: Alfa Romeo Mi.To on the move

    Click above to video after the jumpThat's right, more Alfa Romeo Mi.To media. Hot on the heels of the large batch of high-res pics we got yesterday comes this video of the Mi.To in motion. We see the car both being flogged on a track and driven leisurely around what we presume to be is Italy. ...

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    Pics Aplenty: Meet the Alfa Romeo Mi.To

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Alfa Romeo Mi.ToThough Alfa Romeo unveiled the Mi.To back in March, we've only had a few images at which to stare in disbelief over how there's a part of the world that produces small cars this beautiful. Not so anymore, as Alfa has released over 40 new ...

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    Video: Alfa Mi.To asks: Are you ready to play?

    Hey, the pseudo-video-game as a car ad technique worked well enough for Pontiac, so why shouldn't Alfa Romeo give it a try too? While we think Alfa's take on arcade-style driving enjoyment is clever, it's not quite as cool as the G8's Spy Hunter recreation, which, as children of the era of excess, ...

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    Me, too: Alfa could bring Mi.To hatch to U.S. market (w/VIDEO)

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Alfa Mi.To Alfa Romeo just released initial details and images of the long-awaited Mi.To hatchback, and already industry analysts are predicting the MINI rival could make it across the ocean when the company returns to the American market. Newly-installed ...

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    Alfa Romeo releases the new Mi.To

    Click above to view the Alfa Romeo Mi.To in hi-res Months upon months of spy shots, teasers, renderings and endless speculation have come to their culmination as Alfa Romeo this morning released official images and details of the highly-anticipated new Mi.To. As we previously reported, the Mi.To ...


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