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    Official: Nissan's crowdsourced Project Titan is ready to tackle Alaska [w/videos]

    Alaska still offers Americans the chance to really experience the wilderness, and Nissan is challenging its Titan pickup to its offroad extremes with a little help from its fans. After crowdsourcing a heap of mods, the company is handing it over to two Wounded Warrior Project Alumni to do their ...

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    Official: Irv Gordon's Volvo P1800 has reached 3 million miles

    While we were seated at our desks like good worker bees yesterday, Irv Gordon was continuing his assault on the record books. Gordon, if you recall, is the original owner of a red 1966 Volvo P1800 (owner and car shown above), and yesterday, Volvo says the coupe's odometer clocked its ...

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    Video: Convocation of eagles takes over bed of Nissan pickup

    Let this be a lesson to those of you who plan to visit Unalaska, Alaska (yes, it's a real city on Unalaska Island in the Aleutian Islands): If you park at Safeway with a garbage bag full of fish fillets in your pickup's bed, the eagles will find you. That's what happened above when an ...

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    Featured: Autoblog drives to the Arctic Circle

    In Which Mercedes' Sprinter Becomes A Long-Distance Sherpa In the wintery wilds of northern Alaska, even the cute little critters want to kill you. As I am about to nod off on my long leg flight from Minneapolis to Anchorage ahead of driving to the Arctic Circle, the friendly ...

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    Video: The List #0011: Drive to the Arctic Circle

    The List is back! The show took a hiatus after its first season, partly to give our hosts a much-needed break, and partly to gear up for its television debut on Speed – check out tonight's new episode at 10:30PM EST/PST. But Jessi and Patrick have finally returned to Autoblog, and they're ...

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    Video: Taco Bell airlifts food truck into remote Alaska town after hoax

    Pity tiny Bethel, Alaska. First, when they want to "Run for the Border," it's a four-hour trip from the west coast of the state to Anchorage (not by car!). And according to Google Maps, the only restaurants in the entire town are a Subway franchise and something called Sho Gun Restaurant. So when ...

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    Report: Road Trip! Russia approves tunnel to Alaska under Bering Strait

    The Russian government has given the go-ahead on an ambitious new tunnel project that could connect Siberia with Alaska via an underground rail line. If completed, the $65 billion project will be the longest underwater tunnel in the world, besting the Chunnel between England and France by twice ...

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    Saviors of the Cougar Ace: Wired's in-depth look into Sea Cowboys

    Nearly two years ago, the Cougar Ace, a 900-ft long ship loaded with more than 4,700 brand-new Mazdas, tipped over while transferring ballast in the North Pacific just south of Alaska. The huge ship took on water, but since there was no breach in the hull it remained afloat. Within days, a salvage ...

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    New Yorkers score lowest on the driver's test

    No disrespect to our friends on the East Coast, but in the "survey results that will probably surprise no one" category: drivers from New York scored the lowest on a Department of Motor Vehicles driving test survey. That doesn't mean New Yorkers are bad drivers ... ahem ... it simply means they ...

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    BP may have Prudhoe Bay pumping by late September

    The largest oil field in the U.S. in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska hasn't shipped a drop of oil since earlier this month when BP discovered severe corrosion inside some pipelines servicing the facility. Overnight eight percent of the country's daily supply of oil disappeared, about 400,000 barrels per day. ...


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