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52How Airstream trailers helped NASA keep our astronauts safe

The first Airstream trailers company-founder Wally Byam ever built were made out of Masonite, a type of hardboard made of pressed-wood fibers. But for 78 years, the trailers have been made of shiny, malleable aluminum. They are built with the same precision and attention to detail as an airplane's fuselage.

66Small-town Ohio, NASA and the American RV [w/videos]

This Built America: Airstream

What is it about Jackson Center that has kept Airstream here for more than 60 years?

17Airstream Autobahn is a super-fancy Sprinter

The truth is, we talk a lot about how great a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or a Bentley Mulsanne or a Rolls-Royce Phantom would be for a cross-country drive mainly because they're far, far sexier than the real kings of the long-distance haul: vans.

392013 Airstream Interstate 3500 EXT

LA To The Grand Canyon In The Mercedes-Benz Of RVs

27Land Rover uses new Range Rover to tow Airstream roundtrip from England to Morocco

We see all sorts of publicity stunt road trips, but few seem as cool as spending 11 days driving almost 4,000 miles in a 2013 Range Rover Autobiography and sleeping each night in an equally plush Airstream trailer. This is exactly what Ben Samuelson, formerly of TVR, and his PR team did to show off the new Range Rover while driving it from England to Morocco and back.

422011 Airstream Avenue

A Deluxe Apartment On The Move

14MINI Cooper S Clubman joins Airstream Trailer

MINI and Airstream – Click above for high-res image gallery

13Retrofuturism: Mini and Airstream team up for one-off

MINI Airstream concepts – Click above for high-res gallery

12Airstream unveils toy-toting PanAmerica trailer

Click above for more images of the Airstream PanAmerica

16Live from Dearborn: Driving the Ford Airstream Concept

Click on the AirStream for a gallery of images at the track

8Re-Volting: Ford considerig plug-in hybrid

Last week Ford unveiled the Airstream concept at the Detroit Auto Show, which marked its first public attempt at a plug-in hybrid. Like the Chevy Volt, it's primarily battery-powered with an auxiliary power unit to charge the battery on the go. The Airstream, howver, differs from the Volt in that it's equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell instead of an internal combustion engine.

16Detroit Auto Show: Ford Airstream Concept

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