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29Think air travel is risky? Try driving a car

Aviation Is Safer, But Our Perceptions Of Risks Are Skewed

It was a terrible stretch for aviation.

11Watch this motocross rider jump a biplane at the 2014 Cameron Air Show

Evel Knievel transformed the motorcycle jump into the undisputed king of vehicular stunts. It's just so insanely dangerous. There's practically nothing keeping the rider safe, other than their ability to land the bike on the other side, of course.

34Watch a water bomber plane drop its load on a truck fire in remote Canada

Has Shock and Awe ever been used in firefighting? Probably not, as fires aren't really bothered by the psychological effects implicit in Shock and Awe warfare. But if any form of firefighting qualified for that well known military doctrine, it'd be aerial firefighting, as proven by this video of what looks like a Canadair CL-215 (we could be wrong, tell us in the comments) tackling a vehicle fire in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

8Yates' record-setting electric airplane gets new battery pack

No, Chip Yates doesn't get range anxiety. The record-setting pilot and motorcycle rider made recent news by testing out a new, EnerDel-made battery pack in the battery-electric Long-ESA airplane he set a speed record with a year ago. Yates' 20-minute flight last week got him up to 5,500 feet and he hit 175 miles per hour at "less than 50 percent throttle." Yates, whose 258-horsepower plane now has twice the battery output as last year, is shooting for 250 mph.

9Brabus turns its attention to custom jets

If you're looking to give your Mercedes-Benz an added dose of performance, look no further than Brabus. The aftermarket tuning house specializes in customizing Daimler's finest, and doesn't stop at upgrading the engine and running gear, either. With packages like the iBusiness suite, Brabus will turn your S-Class, for example, into a 219-mph high-tech office on wheels. In other words, it'll make it more like a private jet. But what if you want your jet to feel more like your customized Mercedes?

43Solar Ship sails the skies, schlepps supplies

By crossing airships with airplanes, Solar Ship is creating craft that can carry heavy loads long distances with a tiny carbon footprint. Filled with helium, they soak up rays from the sun to provide the energy for forward motion and fulfill its original design challenge – carry 1,000 kilograms (2,205 lbs) of payload 1,000 kilometers (621.4 miles).

AddHondaJet Delayed Again, Expected Mid-2013

TRANSLOGIC fans might remember seeing a jet fly across the screen in our super awesome opening reel. That generic CG aircraft was inspired by the HondaJet. We hoped it would eventually make it into one of our episodes, but now it looks like we'll have to wait just a bit longer.

11NASA to award $1.65 million in Google Green Flight Challenge

The CAFE Foundation has announced that Google will sponsor the NASA Centennial Challenge flight competition known as the Green Flight Challenge (GFC). The CAFE Foundation (which here stands for Comparative Aircraft Flight Efficiency) will host the event from September 25 through October 2 at Sonoma County Airport in California. The NASA-funded prize purse of $1.65 million is thought to be the largest ever for a non-spaceflight aviation challenge.

12EPA proposes strict ground-level emissions regulations for jumbo-sized commercial aircraft

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to adopt more stringent ground-level emissions standards for engines used primarily in commercial aircraft, including Boeing's 737, 747, and 767. If approved, the proposed regulations would reduce ground-level nitrogen oxide emissions by an estimated 100,000 tons nationwide by 2030.

3ASTM approves use of 50% renewable biofuel in commercial and military aircraft

ASTM International – an organization that develops technical standards for global industries – has officially approved the use of renewable fuels in commercial and military aircraft. The revised standard (ASTM D7566-11: Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons) was approved on July 1 and says that up to 50 percent bio-derived synthetic fuel can be blended with conventional commercial and military jet fuel.

13Virgin Airlines orders 30 Airbus A320neos with fuel-saving LEAP-X engines

Saving fuel takes to the skies with Virgin Airlines' purchase of 30 Airbus A320neo commercial jets equipped with LEAP-X engines.

AddNew Airbus Concept For 2050 Looks Amazingly Comfortable [VIDEO]

Can you envision what the world will be like in 40 years? I mean, that's a long time from now. The internet has only been popular for 15 years and look what it has become. Even if it looks crazy, there's no one better than Airbus to tell us what the future of air travel might look like.

44More HondaJet info, images released

The HondaJet – Click above for high-res image gallery

32Comparing airplane vs. car efficiency in a way that doesn't make air travel look terrible

When the EPA rates a vehicle's fuel efficiency, it doesn't look at the number of seats in the car, it just tests out how many miles it can go on a gallon of fuel. This is a fair way to compare cars, but if we allow ourselves a little bit of mental reconfiguring, we can find an interesting way to compare airline travel with long-distance road trips.

43Ricardo develops airplane taxi bot to reduce emissions, noise

Ricardo TaxiBot -- Click above for high-res image gallery

AddREPORT: Lithium ion batteries could be banned from airplanes

Some of the largest pieces of the puzzle that need to be expanded before electric cars are seriously ready to take the place of gas-powered cars and trucks in the majority of driveways around the world have to do with batteries. The latest technology that offers a glimmer of hope for the future of zero-emission motoring is the lithium ion battery, but it's not without its problems.

AddBallina designer working on the Roade electric car

Part aeroplane, part electric car, a new EV by Howard Hughes (not that Howard Hughes), a designer for Ballina will be on the roads in Australia by June. The Northern Star reports on a prototype vehicle called the Roade that would have a 60 km (37 miles) range using lead acid batteries and a 96 volt motor. Alternately, the specs say that a NiCd battery would offer a 150 km (93 miles) range and Li-ion batteries would push that to 220 km (136 miles). Hughes and his team expect a top speed of 100 km

AddBack to the fuel efficient future: airlines go turboprops

When it comes to cars, newer usually (but not always) mean more efficient. The airline industry, though is taking a look back at turboprop planes as a way to save fuel. As Marketplace reported the other day, the smoother and faster rides provided by jets are also more fuel-thirsty than planes powered by giant spinning blades. Therefore, more and more airlines are adding propeller-powered planes that, according to one Continental representative interviewed by Marketplace, are 30 percent more fuel

20Flight of Fancy: Ferrari takes to the sky

Like their competitors, Ferrari uses advanced aerodynamics to keep their cars on the ground. But what if they flipped their technology upside down to create an aircraft? The result could very well be this, the Piaggio P180 Avanti II.

AddAirplanes could save fuel by monitoring areas of turbulence

What does air turbulence have to do with saving fuel? Well, when an airline is aware of sufficiently bad turbulence in a particular area, they often fly around it instead of through it. By altering their course, they are using more fuel. But, a new system is in the works which may alleviate some of this course-alteration. The system, designed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), is now being tested by United Airlines on commercial flights. The system uses an advanced algorithm

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