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The move gives the British carriers a reason to exist.

The USMC will join the Royal Navy on the HMS Queen Elizabeth's first operational deployment.

The carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and her escorts are bound for Syria.

Russia's sole aircraft carrier is sailing from its homeport past the British Isles, and that's drawn the attention of the UK and other NATO countries in the region.

Pilots on the USS George Washington are singing the F-35's praises.

According to one Navy pilot, the software could lead to dramatic reductions in the amount of time it takes pilots to train and qualify on the Navy's aircraft carriers.

The Chinese Navy could have 351 ships, including four more aircraft carriers, by 2020.

A new congressional report is pointing to a dramatic increase in the capabilities of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy.

Spending on big aircraft carriers and missile subs is hurting America's fighting abilities in today's conflict, a prominent Marine Corps general argues.

Part Of Navy Plan To Use 50 Percent Alternative Fuels By 2020

The ships of Carrier Strike Group 3 will be the first members of the USN's Great Green Fleet, relying on nuclear power and biofuels on its upcoming deployment.

China has confirmed that it's working on its first domestically produced carrier and its second flattop overall.

The Navy's F-35 Lightning II fighters have redeployed aboard a carrier as part of their second planned at-sea development phase.

Images from a French satellite seem to show that China is working on a nearly 900-foot aircraft carrier, its first homegrown flattop and second carrier.

It's only Thursday, but the US military has suffered three separate, non-fatal, aviation-related incidents. A total of ten injuries have been reported.

The USS Gerald R. Ford has its first residents, as some 240 sailors have moved aboard the hulking supercarrier in what the ship's CO called a "tipping point."

The VTOL version of the US military's new F-35 Lightning completed its first ski-jump test, simulating a launch from British or Italian carriers.

Want to see a big sled get flung into the water off the deck of an aircraft carrier? Don't be silly, of course you do.

As the USS Ranger is towed to its final resting place, where it will be scrapped, drone footage of the carrier's journey has emerged. It's eerie.

The external drop tanks that are so integral to an aircraft carrier's power projection might not be an option for aircraft on the Navy's newest flattop.

The US Navy's X-47B, its carrier-borne, unmanned combat air system has just completed a series of testing aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and the Navy has been kind enough to release footage of the drone's activities. While this isn't the first time the X-47 has operated from a carrier, it does mark the first occasion it's done so alongside active-duty aircraft, like the F/A-18 Hornet, making this a significant milestone in the UCAV's development.

Over 100 veterans said their goodbyes to the USS Saratoga, a Forrestal-class carrier that protected the United States for nearly 50 years and saw action in Vietnam and in Operation Desert Storm. The ship's sailors were given a last look on Friday.

A Nimitz-class American aircraft carrier is big. Really, really big. After all, it has to be, in order to launch and recover a wide array of military aircraft. But when it's not catapulting F/A-18 Super Hornets and E-2 Hawkeyes into the wild blue yonder, what exactly can you use its 1,040-foot long flight deck for? Well, BMW seems to have an idea.

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