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    *POOF* No injuries! - Dainese D-Air suit latest in motorcycle airbag technology

    Click above to view videoMotorcycles always have that ever-present danger of turning their operators into hamburger should the rider take a spill. Racing crashes are especially nasty, and while leathers do offer protection from road rash, cushioning impacts to the upper torso is key to increasing ...

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    Chinese man crashes Mercedes S350, vows to only drive Chinese-built cars

    Car accidents inspiring bouts of nationalism aren't all that new. However, this could be the shakiest case of it that we've heard of recently. Wang Zhan, the Chinese owner of a Mercedes S350, rear-ended a DongFeng van. In spite of the rather severe damage done to the car, the airbags didn't deploy, ...

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    Newspaper says 1,400 deaths blamed on bad airbags

    How much do you trust your car's airbag to protect you? When you get through reading what the Kansas City Star has to say about them, they may no longer seem as trustworthy.The paper cites several horrifying stories about head-on crashes in which the airbags failed to deploy and occupants died. ...

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    NHTSA mandates head protection on all cars by 2013

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced today that by 2013, all passenger vehicles sold in the U.S. will be required to provide head protection in side-impact crashes.The regulation comes after three years of research, which found that about 29-percent, or 9,200 people, were ...

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    CarFax begins offering airbag deployment info for free

    Many used car buyers are completely unaware that their airbags might not deploy in the event of an accident. There are a few reasons for this, but the most prevalent is a scam in which a car that's experienced a previous collision has had its deployed airbag improperly replaced, sometimes with ...

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    Siemens VDO system hears crash, deploys airbag

    The safety-obsessed people over at Siemens VDO have developed a new system that, depending on the noise produced by a crash, will figure out the best way to deploy the airbags.The Crash Impact Sound Sensor (CISS) is quicker on the draw than other systems (up to 15 milliseconds), and depending on ...

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    GM plans to equip all models with rollover air bags

    Although rollovers only make up three percent of crashes in the US, they account for over a quarter of all traffic fatalities. General Motors is in the process of investing over $10 million to study the effects of rollover crashes and while doing so, has made a pledge to outfit all their vehicles ...

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    Forbes names least safe cars of 2007

    In an obvious effort to keep its readership alive (and in turn circulation numbers up) Forbes magazine has made a list of the least safe cars of 2007. Before the flame wars start, note that cars on the list are not necessarily unsafe, but instead are not as safe as other cars available. Therefore, ...

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    Airbags and ABS under fire

    A study by Purdue University states that safety systems like ABS and airbags make drivers less vigilant. Fred Mannering, the professor of civil engineering at the university who led the study, brought his team to the water of five years of motor vehicle crashes in Washington State. The students ...

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    Audi Q7 gets five stars

    The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently completed testing of Audi's newest 'ute and awarded the Q7 five-stars, the highest rating possible, for both front and side crashes. The tests also gave the Q7 a four-star rating for rollover avoidance.Once again, standard ...

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    Second generation air bags safer for kids, still safe for adults

    Reuters reports that second-generation air bags are less risky for children while still providing appropriate levels of safety for larger adults. The development is a vast improvement upon earlier generation air bags, which were developed to protect an average size male and could be lethal for ...

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    Ferrari F430 Modena won't be bagged in the U.S.

    Whew, that was a scary moment for the big wigs at Ferrari. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration almost cost Ferrari $53 million in sales of its F430 Modena by attempting to implement a ban on the vehicle because it does not meet airbag safety ...

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    Ford Edge gets full suite of safety equipment

    Ford has already responded to a safety-conscious market and beefed up the level of standard safety equipment included in the 2007 Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans, and its now apparent the new Edge CUV and its Lincoln MKX counterpart will hit dealer lots with loaded to the roof rack with safety ...


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