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    Official: Ohio enacts counterfeit airbag law

    Following the lead of Connecticut and New York, Ohio is the third state to make the knowing manufacture, import, installation or sale of counterfeit airbags a felony. Bill Am HB 177 was sponsored by Republican State Representative Dorothy Pelanda, backed by the Ohio Insurance Institute and the ...

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    Recalls: Honda recalling 405K vehicles over airbag issue

    Honda is in hot water due to an airbag glitch that is causing it to recall 405,400 vehicles. According to the campaign, the supplemental restraints might fire for no apparent reason. 342,000 of the affected vehicles are 2003 and 2004 Odyssey minivans, which gels with a National Highway Traffic ...

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    Official: BMW working with Dainese to put airbags in motorcycle suits [w/video]

    Addressing the safety concerns of its customers, BMW Motorrad is co-developing a rider suit with Dainese to feature something that's much more common in automobiles: airbags. Starting with Dainese's D-air Protect System, which is made up of inflatable protectors that deploy in 15 milliseconds, the ...

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    Recalls: Toyota announces two recalls affecting 1M Corolla, Matrix and Lexus IS models

    The recall bug strikes Toyota again. The automaker has issued a voluntary recall of three models that, in total, represent more than one million units. Around 752,000 2003-2004 Toyota Corolla and Matrix models are being recalled for airbag concerns, while a windshield wiper issue is causing the ...

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    Recalls: Honda recalling 748k Odyssey and Pilot models over airbag concern

    American Honda today announced a recall of approximately 748,000 Odyssey and Pilot models due to faulty airbag concerns. The vehicles in question are Odyssey minivans from the 2011 to 2013 model years and Pilot crossovers from the 2009 to 2013 model years. According to a statement from Honda, ...

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    Official: NHTSA warns consumers about dangers of counterfeit airbags [w/video]

    The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is warning vehicle owners of the dangers of counterfeit airbags. During NHTSA testing, the agency discovered fake components that could fail in a spectacular manner, either by not deploying during an accident or by launching hot shrapnel ...

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    Report: Motorist dies after being poisoned by airbag in minor crash

    According to the coroner's office, Ronald Smith of Mardsen, South Shields in the UK "died as a result of the car crash and more pointedly because of the explosion of his airbag, and exposure to noxious substances." According to IOL Motoring, Smith had been involved in a six-car accident in ...

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    Report: NHTSA investigating side airbag problems

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a number of vehicles for potentially faulty side airbags, according to The Detroit News. The airbags may have been manufactured with an ineffective mix of inflation gasses, which could leave the bags flat in the event of a ...

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    GM recalling 47,000 Cadillac SRX models over faulty airbag software

    General Motors has announced that it is recalling 47,401 2011 Cadillac SRX models. The vehicles are programmed to deactivate the right-side roof rail airbag if sensors detect that the right side seat is unoccupied. That means that in the event of a rollover, rear seat occupants may not be ...

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    Ford introduces airbags with enhanced crash protection, debuting on 2012 Focus [w/video]

    Ford's next-generation airbag technology – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford has given us a sneak peek at its production-ready 2012 Focus, and while our lips may be sealed about its specs and our impressions, we can now give you the lowdown on the Blue Oval's new airbag ...

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    Video: 2011 Ford Explorer partially revealed during seatbelt airbag demo?

    2011 Ford Explorer, is that you? – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Sometimes, we have to wonder if automakers just like toying with the emotions of those of us who follow their comings and goings on a daily basis. How else can we explain how Ford would show up to the ...

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    TSA reminds airline passengers to leave automotive airbags at home

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a governmental agency tasked with securing all modes of transportation in the U.S., has noticed an increase of airline passengers traveling with airbags – yes, the government-mandated inflatable safety devices that reside in our vehicles to ...

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    REPORT: NHTSA proposing new side airbag standards expected to cost $54 per car

    Naturally, safety is a top priority for both automakers and consumers alike. It's also of paramount concern to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, which is the government body that sets standards for automobile safety here in the States. According to The Detroit News, NHTSA is ...

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    Mercedes set to debut S-Class ESF safety concept with more airbags than a balloon shop

    Mercedes-Benz ESF 2009 concept – Click above for image gallery
    An inordinate number of the safety features that we now find commonplace in roadgoing automobiles made their debut in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. So where better to look for the next generation of safety technology? You guessed ...

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    Ford engineers slam basketballs and shopping carts into cars for safety's sake

    Ford's new airbag tests – Click above for high-res gallery
    One of the cool things about being an engineer is that in addition to designing innovative new features, you get to develop novel ways to test those features. The 2009 Ford F-150 and 2010 Taurus both feature a new airbag deployment ...

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    2009 Impala recalled over faulty airbags

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says passenger airbags in some 2009 Chevrolet Impalas may have a potentially deadly flaw. Not only could the devices fail to inflate in a crash, but the inflator tube could rupture and hurl pieces of it at passengers. Sounds pretty bad, but there ...

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    VIDEO: Guy blows up Saturn, Ford airbags in a refrigerator

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Autoblog staff probably spends way too much time thinking about cars, and sometimes we find ourselves doing goofy things, as well. We can say that we've never fooled around with triggering air bags, but we're sure there are a few of you out there who ...

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    Only Honda: New i-SRS Airbag System and Bird's Eye camera

    What other automaker would spend the time and expense of developing a new airbag just because, you know, airbags could be better? The same one who developed a new rail car for the same reason. The Japanese automaker has developed a new airbag it claims will give drivers better protection in ...

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    Toyoda proves you can never have enough airbags

    First came driver airbags, then passenger airbags. Side airbags were followed by curtain airbags. Then knee airbags appeared. With many vehicles on the road already equipped with six or more airbags for passenger safety, and seemingly no interior room left for additional inflatable supplemental ...

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    Dutch cyclists want airbags installed on the outside of cars

    Due to the continuing evolution of safety standards, high speed car-on-car impacts have made life better for everyone inside the cars. Now, even pedestrians get love from some car makers in the form of hoods that pop up when the car senses a pedestrian impact, so that the walker doesn't hit the ...


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