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    Video: Camaro airbag spontaneously deploys while drifting

    Having a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS stuffed with a 426-horsepower V8, six gears and the rear wheels doing the pushing is reason enough for anyone to want to get a little sideways. Trouble is, letting the tail hang in your 5th-gen Camaro could get pretty uncomfortable. During a drifting session in ...

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    Followup: Pagani Huayra still coming to U.S., just delayed until 2013

    Hold your horses, ladies and gents. All 700 of them. It appears that earlier reports of the Pagani Huayra's exclusion from the U.S. market may have been a tad premature. As you may recall, we reported yesterday on a ruling from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that denied ...

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    Report: NHTSA denies Pagani Huayra airbag exemption for sale in U.S.

    If you've already placed your order for one of the fifteen examples of the Pagani Huayra set to reach American shores, you might either be getting your check back in the mail or asked for a bigger one. As it turns out, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is giving Pagani a bit of a ...

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    TRW designs roof-mounted airbag

    Is your steering wheel looking a little fat? There are a number of reasons why steering wheels have beefed up over the years, but one of the biggest reasons is because of airbags. Inflatable restraint system manufacturer TRW is looking at ways to change that, and it may have a whole new type of ...

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    Ford recalling 150,000 F-150 models for faulty airbag deployment

    Ford has announced that it is recalling 150,000 2005-2006 F-150 pickup trucks for airbags that may deploy without warning. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration had originally opened an investigation into 1.3 million vehicles for the fault. Ford says that the risk of an airbag ...

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    Video: 'Tis the season for pumpkin vs. airbag

    Airbag: 1, Pumpkin: 0 – Click above to watch video after the jump
    There are plenty of reasons to love Fall. Perfect driving weather, turning leaves, a host of excellent holidays and, of course, pumpkin carving all help to make the passing of Summer all the less painful. But what happens ...

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    Happy 30th anniversary, airbag!

    The airbag turns 30 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    No, the above headline isn't a greeting for your spouse on his or her special day – Daimler is celebrating the airbag's 30th anniversary. Three decades ago, the very first production car with the life-saving safety tech ...

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    Cadillac recalling CTS and CTS-V over risk to passenger knees

    2009 Cadillac CTS-V – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors has issued a recall notice for 2009-2010 all-wheel drive Cadillac CTS' and CTS-Vs due to an issue with the front passenger-side knee airbag. In a collision, the front passenger's knees are at risk of being hit ...

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    Ford introduces airbags with enhanced crash protection, debuting on 2012 Focus [w/video]

    Ford's next-generation airbag technology – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford has given us a sneak peek at its production-ready 2012 Focus, and while our lips may be sealed about its specs and our impressions, we can now give you the lowdown on the Blue Oval's new airbag ...

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    Video: 2011 Ford Explorer partially revealed during seatbelt airbag demo?

    2011 Ford Explorer, is that you? – Click above to watch the video after the break
    Sometimes, we have to wonder if automakers just like toying with the emotions of those of us who follow their comings and goings on a daily basis. How else can we explain how Ford would show up to the ...

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    Infiniti recalls 134,000 G35 coupes and sedans due to airbag issue

    Being involved in a car accident is scary stuff. Being involved in a car accident and not having your airbags deploy is even scarier. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, just over 134,000 Infiniti G35 coupes and sedans sold in the mid-2000s are affected by a problem ...

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    Study: Want to improve your odds of surviving a crash? Have another sammich

    There aren't a lot of positives about being overweight, but a study by the University of Michigan shows that there could be one reason for the chunky among us to celebrate. U of M studied 300,000 traffic fatalities obtained from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration between 1998 and ...

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    Video: Answering the eternal question - will an airbag go off in a frozen pond?

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Our friend Farmer Dave does some crazy stuff with airbags. You may recall that Dave likes to blow up airbags in refrigerators, and the devastation is pretty impressive. Either Dave got bored with blowing up safety devices in kitchen appliances or ...

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    REPORT: NHTSA proposing new side airbag standards expected to cost $54 per car

    Naturally, safety is a top priority for both automakers and consumers alike. It's also of paramount concern to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, which is the government body that sets standards for automobile safety here in the States. According to The Detroit News, NHTSA is ...

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    Mitsubishi recalls nearly 30k 2008-2009 Lancer/Lancer EVO models over airbag sensors

    Mitsubishi Evo X - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Potential corrosion of the front impact airbag sensor has prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall up to 29,353 2008-2009 Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer Evolution models. NHTSA is concerned that long-term ...

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    SEMA 2009: Knee-high tri-axle pickup by Air-Zenith is down and (not so) dirty

    Air-Zenith custom pickup - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're not exactly sure what this used to be in its former life, but it all kinds of cool in its current iteration. Just knee-high to a Hobbit, this six-wheel convertible was parked in the shadow of Bigfoot and we almost tripped ...

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    REPORT: NHTSA investigating Ford F-150 airbags, Mazda RX-8 clutch pedals

    According to The New York Times' Wheels blog, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently in the early stages of investigating issues involving the 2005 Ford F-150 and 2004-2008 Mazda RX-8 models equipped with manual transmissions. In the case of the Blue Oval, NHTSA has ...

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    REPORT: Enterprise sold cars after removing side impact airbags

    Enterprise, the country's largest car rental and fleet agency, is finding itself in hot water after purposely deleting standard safety equipment from some 66,000 Chevrolet Impalas it purchased between 2006 and 2008 for its nation-wide fleet of rental cars. The full-size Chevy comes fitted ...

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    2001 Honda Accord, Civic recalled due to airbags that are even more explosive than normal

    2001 Honda Civic – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Honda is recalling some of its 2001 model year Accord and Civic models due to excessively pressurized airbags. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that certain airbags in the affected vehicles can deploy so ...

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    VIDEO: Man aims airbag at family jewels, regrets what happens next

    Man blasts family jewels with airbag: Click above to watch the video after the jump
    You may remember last fall when we showed you a couple videos by Farmer Dave where he blows up refrigerators. That was good, stupid fun involving the blunt force of an exploding airbag. What you're about to see ...


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