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air pollution

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    Report: China to expand anti-smog efforts by limiting car buying in more cities

    China has a well documented problem with air pollution, with some studies estimating the country's air pollution takes half a decade off its citizens' life expectancies. The People's Republic is the largest producer of greenhouse gases on the planet, thanks to its huge demand for two very dirty ...

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    Study: Car emissions can turn good cholesterol bad

    Before you head to the pharmacy to refill your Lipitor prescription, check this out. The American Heart Association's journal on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology has concluded that high levels of vehicle emissions can cause high cholesterol in mice, which could indicate that air ...

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    Report: Truckers upset over LA 'clean rig' legislation ready to take fight to Supreme Court

    Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa pushed his "Clean Truck Program" as a way to improve the air quality in and around the Port of Los Angeles. And while a cleaner air is in everyone's best interest, a Los Angeles Times report suggests that it could be truckers who are left holding the short ...

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    Forbes identifies the commutes that kill

    Ever feel like one more day of commuting will kill you? You might be right, especially if you live in Riverside, California. Or Atlanta. Or Los Angeles. Those are the top three cities on Forbes' list of the 25 with the most unhealthy commutes. The combination of dangerous drivers, the stress of ...


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