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Basically, he's worried about Skynet.

Musk believes there's more at stake than just job loss.

But don't get too excited just yet.

Consider this a milestone, but not the future.

He talks around the topic while there's plenty of evidence Apple has something in the works.

Even machines enjoy wrecking digital havoc.

It's Grand Theft Auto, so be warned for strong violence, senseless murder, and police who overreact every time a pedestrian gets run over.

Thanks to AImotive’s autonomous software and hardware.

AIMotive's autonomous driving system uses low-cost cameras instead of lidar.

"Doing research in self-driving cars, there is only so much you can do in an academic environment," she says.

Yes, Mobvoi is the smartwatch maker.

The autoparts maker is sticking with its own solution days after Intel buys MobilEye.

Drive.Ai shows off its AI software in fully autonomous rainy night drive.

Robot cars are still coming, of course.

Will we even be allowed to drive in the future?

Uber swallows Geometric Intelligence to build up its AI prowess.

Forget about video games, this is how you race against a computer in real life.

Think Knight Rider, but on a bike and without Hasselhoff.

Artificial intelligence system will make riders better.

War is going to look a lot different in the future.

The future of warfare will be filled with AI and robots, but it'll be more than just autonomous drones clashing on the battlefield.

New sensor suite might also be around the corner.

What we know, or think we know, about the next version of Tesla's Autopilot.

India-based Mahindra will likely be among those spending more on self-driving cars.

A new study suggests that annual spending on autonomous-driving technology could hit $25 billion by the end of the decade.

An artificial intelligence chatbot designed by a 19-year-old Stanford student has appealed over $4,000,000 in parking fines in just twenty-one months.

Tesla Model S owner uses his 'friend' as a stand-in.

One Tesla owner's 'summon' feature actually hits the brakes to avoid a pedestrian, but not all Autopilot features managed to do this.

That's the question we'll have to face before self-driving cars hit critical mass.

Science takes a look at how people feel about autonomous cars making decisions about what to do in an accident.

The fix follows a Model S crash that happened in "Summon" mode.

After a reported crash while in Summon mode, Tesla updates the self-driving software used in the Model S and X.

My car, the driver.

The NHTSA finds that Google's software will count as a driver for regulatory purposes.

IEEE Spectrum Found Two Fcc Filings About Google's Foray Into Resonant Magnetic Induction

This is not the first time someone has proposed charging a moving car using in-road power, but now there could be tons of money behind the idea.

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