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    Report: VW, Fiat deny merger talks

    All parties involved are actively denying a potentially Earth-shattering shakeup in the automotive universe, as a German business publication claimed that Volkswagen and Fiat have been discussing the possibility of a merger. The magazine, Manager Magazin, claimed that Fiat was looking to ditch ...

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    Gianni Agnelli's own Fiat 600 Jolly beach car up for auction

    When you're the owner and chairman of your own automotive empire, you can drive pretty much anything you want. No, not "pretty much" – absolutely. And this was Gianni Agnelli's choice. Known as the Jolly, this custom 1959 Fiat 600 beach car was built to order by Carrozzeria Ghia at a ...

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    Report: Exor to spin Ferrari off into a separate company?

    Just a couple of weeks ago, few of us had ever heard of a company called Exor. After all, why should we? It's a private family investment company. But the family in question is the Agnellis, and their company holds the keys to the entire Fiat empire (and by extension, much of Chrysler as well). ...

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    Ferrari and CVC Capital join the F1 buyout debate

    Unlike most business deals, which are negotiated behind closed doors with the general populace happily unaware, the effort to buy out the commercial rights to Formula One has been very public. First came the rumors that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and a consortium of investors were ...

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    Official: Rupert Murdoch's News Corp and Agnelli family's Exor confirm F1 plan

    It may have seemed far-fetched when the news first broke, and Bernie Ecclestone may think it will never amount to anything, but the reports of a plan to buy-out Formula 1 have proven factual. The initial reports indicated that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, together with an unnamed second ...

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    Forever in Blue Jeans: Fiat scion's denim Ferrari 599 [w/VIDEO]

    Lapo Elkann's Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – Click above for image gallery
    What do you do when you're heir to an enormous industrial empire? Well, pretty much anything you want. Like order up a Ferrari made to match your favorite pair of jeans. Nope, this isn't the latest splurge by Paris Hilton; ...


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