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    Official: Forgiato brings hidden headlamps back to the Chevy Camaro [w/video]

    Forgiato is a well-known maker of custom wheels to fit just about any taste (and budget), but the company also makes other parts to trick your car out. For Chevrolet Camaro owners, Forgiato has designed the DiFalco grille to include hidden headlights somewhat reminiscent of what was available on ...

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    Video: Street Smarts, customizable puddle lamps project your class

    Ah, SEMA. Always a bastion of terrific ideas and entirely tasteful modifications. The latest innovation to come from the show that brought you this, and that is a product called Street Stamps. Building off of the previous popularity of underglow lights, Street Stamps project a customizable image ...

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    Mini Coupe made lighter, more powerful by Revozport

    Revozport is a Chinese tuner, but one of its tuning arms reaches all the way to the UK. To reward itself for getting a particular ISO certification, its UK office put together the Revozport Mini Targa Raze, a program applicable to either the Mini Coupe or Roadster. It might be a smidge OTT, but ...

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    Official: How does a 700-HP twincharged Ariel Atom sound?

    It sounds like the flittering of fresh $100 bills, or at least that's what we assume it sounds like. DDMWorks in South Carolina has released the first 700 conversion kit for the Ariel Atom 2. By strapping both a turbocharger and a supercharger to the Ecotec 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the ...

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    Report: Ford drops suit against counterfeiters and trademark infringers

    Ford has dropped a lawsuit against 13 individuals accused of selling counterfeit products with the automaker's trademarks, according to The Detroit News. The company originally wanted to acquire names, addresses, telephone numbers, bank account numbers and emails from sites like eBay and PayPal ...

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    Video: Four-foot Dodge Viper shifter mod is a head-scratcher

    Where the outlandish reigns supreme, functionality and practicality take a back seat. That's why we admire folks who poke fun at the insanity of the automotive aftermarket. Take this particular Dodge Viper owner. Rather than swap in the latest short-throw kit, the guy bolted on a four-foot-long ...

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    Big Daddy Customs turns Tata Safari into Land Rover Evoque

    India's Big Daddy Customs has made a Moon Rover. What's that? It's a Tata Safari SUV (pictured at right) made to look like a Range Rover Evoque, but only really from the front, at a low angle, ideally in low light and assuming you'd never seen a real Evoque or the donor vehicle before. To get an ...

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    Official: AC Schnitzer works over BMW's new 6 Series Gran Coupé [w/video]

    German powerhouse tuner AC Schnitzer has spent some time fettling the new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé, the result being a 360-horsepower 640i sedan with all the restraint of a Mako shark. The additional grunt adds up to 40 hp for the 640i and 47 hp for the 640d, with said grunt made more ...

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    Video: Watch Hedman Headers build a manifold from start to finish

    There's something mesmerizing about The Discovery Channel's How It's Made series. While we couldn't care less about the intricacies of paperclip production, watching the various machines and processes interact is the stuff lazy Saturday afternoons are made of. Hedman Headers has cribbed that ...

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    Official: Vilner breathes new life into classic Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda

    Now that we're familiar with Bulgarian tuner Vilner Studio, we shouldn't be surprised by the generous application of quilted leather in its latest project, the Mercedes-Benz W113 Gentle Pagoda. A comprehensive luxification of a Pagoda-roofed SL, two-tone leather in cafe and latte hues are ...

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    Carlex Design goes Steampunk with Mini Countryman

    Steampunk is a fashion that always seems to live just around the corner; every time you think it's down to its last copper fitting, it peeks around the corner for another encore. Poland's Carlex Design, which will outfit anything from a Toyota Hilux to a Ferrari FF with sensuous leather and ...

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    Report: Chinese take majority stake in German tuner Carlsson

    It is clear that the Chinese appetite for luxury cars with monumental power and imperial luxury has barely begun, so automakers are positioning themselves to make sure they can provide a growing supply. Zhongsheng Group Holdings, owners of a dealer group that includes Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and ...

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    Report: Vote for your favorite all-female Ford Mustang showcar for SEMA

    A woman's place is in the garage – and some people want to keep them there. The SEMA Mustang Build Powered by Women was created by Ford Motor Co. and the Specialty Equipment Market Association to create a pony car designed by and built by women. But before a group of volunteers pull out ...

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    Official: ABT introduces 240-HP tuned VW Beetle

    Maybe you want a Volkswagen Beetle that does more than merely get noticed. Maybe you want a Beetle that... provokes. If so, you need to give German tuner ABT Sportsline a call. Tweaks are made to the 2.0-liter turbo that add 40 horsepower. A front spoiler, wheels anywhere from 18 to 20 inches, ...

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    Official: Vilner adds wood paneling to Land Rover Defender

    Bulgarian tuner Vilner has some kind of Luxo-Ray that fires munitions packed with at least two tons of quilted leather and Alcantara, then aims it at just about everything as soon as it can be reloaded. The latest target is the Land Rover Defender Wood, making this the second time in a year that ...

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    Germany's Reifen Koch tunes the Ford Mustang

    If you happen to have a stale 2010 Ford Mustang GT laying around, Reifen Koch may be able to spice it up for you. For €8,000 (a shave over $10,500 at current conversion rates), the company will slap on a Cervini body kit, composed of a revised front fascia, sills and the tail treatment seen ...

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    Carstache proudly presents the Glorystache

    The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and that means that a volley of stars-and-stripes themed consumer goods are locked, loaded and headed for your nearest big-box store. But while your neighbors will likely have more red, white and blue napkins, balloons, paper plates and leisurewear ...

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    Nissan Juke gets the hot hatch treatment from Impul

    The Nissan Juke already features a unique and controversial exterior design. Apparently, it just isn't strange enough for the folks at Impul, a Japanese aftermarket tuning company that focuses on hopping up vehicles wearing Nissan badges. Impul has crafted a body-kit for the car that includes a ...

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    HKS shuttering U.S. operations

    HKS is an aftermarket automotive tuning company that was founded in Japan back in 1973. In 1982, the company expanded and HKS USA was established. Sadly, the HKS team has decided it's time to shut down U.S. operations and consolidate work with its Japanese headquarters. HKS will continue to sell ...

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    Lingenfelter unleashes supercharger package for the Dodge Challenger

    Lingenfelter Dodge Challenger Supercharger Package - Click above for high-res image
    Do you own a 2008-2010 Dodge Challenger and now regret not waiting for the revamped 2011 models? There's no need to worry, as Lingenfelter has just the prescription to make you feel better. The performance ...


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