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    Report: Army trying to figure out what to do with 20,000 mine-resistant trucks

    The venerable HMMWV served the United States military as the go-to vehicle for 25 solid years. Before that, various militarized Jeep models had been pressed into service since 1941, when the army first identified the need for a lightweight, all-terrain vehicle capable of carrying a few troops and ...

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    Report: Pentagon report says U.S. pays $400/gal for gas in Afghanistan [w/video]

    Fed up with the price of gas? We feel your pain. Depending on what state you live in, gas is likely to be found for somewhere between three and four dollars per gallon – and make no mistake, that figure is enough to amount to a sizable chunk of the average American's monthly paycheck. A ...

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    Afghan road mixes beauty, madness and death

    Have you been considering driving from Kabul to Jalalabad in Afghanistan lately? We have some advice for you: Don't do it. Not because you're going to get captured and beheaded by Al Queda or suicide bombed by the Taliban (but hey, both of those things could happen), but rather we advise ...

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    "Canadian" cars rule in Kabul, Afghanistan

    While Canadians are hopping mad over the inequitable price of cars in their home state compared to the U.S., people in Afghanistan are happy to pick up our northern neighbor's leftovers. Apparently, the first cars to arrive in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban were from Canada, so now ...


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