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    Video: Charles Morgan discusses his Aeromax and generally makes us jealous

    Our friends at XCAR were lucky enough to spend some time with Charles Morgan, the managing director of Morgan Motor Company, discussing exactly what makes the company's Aeromax so special. The machine was the company's first modern foray into the ultra high-end market. Morgan only built 100 ...

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    Online Find of the Day: Richard Hammond's Morgan AeroMax Coupe

    Richard Hammond pretty much gets to live every car guy's fantasy: get paid an exorbitant sum to sample, drive and comment on dream cars. Hammond maintains quite a collection of his own exotics, which until recently included a 2008 Morgan Aeromax that he waxed lyrical about on Top Gear. Despite ...

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    Morgan AeroMax enters limited production

    Considering how often Morgan radically changes the design of their vehicles, the company has shown up rather often on our pages as of late. Last week, the Morgan LifeCar was shown in Geneva, and while we are impressed by the concept that the enigmatic British company was able to crank out, the ...

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    Morgan AeroMax headed for limited production

    The Morgan Motor Company announced on its website that the classically-styled Aeromax coupe will see limited production. Originally designed and built as a custom one-off for a private customer, Morgan did a study to see if a production version would be viable. That answer turned out to be yes, and ...


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