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    Read This: How Google unwittingly busted a Chinese car theft ring

    Technology giant Google is a regular in headlines across the world, mostly for innovative hardware and online products, but this is the first time we've caught wind of the company stopping crime. A fascinating writeup on The Verge tells the story of Google doing just that – in China no ...

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    Google to bring GPS-based advertising to a vehicle near you

    So targeted, it's freaky. Google, everybody's favorite search engine, and Google-owned dMarc Broadcasting, plan to use GPS to hook up Google AdWords customers with GPS-based in-car advertising. What does this mean, exactly? As Eric Schmidt, Google CEO described it, if he needs a ...

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    Mazda partners with Google Earth for CX-7 sweepstakes

    Back in January, we were among the first to leak that Mazda was piggybacking on General Motors' "Google Pontiac" campaign to clandestinely swipe some of the latter's advertising buying power. Buying Pontiac AdWords was a brilliantly cost-effective move, though critics derided the ...


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