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    Cruze, Soul and Wrangler among America's 25 Hottest Products for 2011

    If you ask us, this 25 Hottest Products for 2011 list in Advertising Age isn't exactly packed with automotive excitement. But with Dove soap, Malt-O-Meal, and Goldfish crackers also claiming spots, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that it's a Chevrolet Cruze, rather than a Camaro headlining the ...

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    Bucking the Trend: Automaker ad spending reportedly up in magazines

    Here's a sign that things are possibly turning around in the automotive industry – Advertising Age is reporting that the total number of ad pages bought by automotive advertisers went up over the past year. First quarter numbers for American magazines went up compared with the first quarter ...

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    Hyundai wins Advertising Age Marketer of the Year award

    Hyundai Genesis Sedan - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Allow us to set the stage. The year was 2009, the month was February. The U.S. economy, which for months had been showing signs of springing a leak, was now fully flooding into five forward compartments. Banks were dead or dying, the ...

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    What's Worth What? AdAge looks at values of automakers' marketing accounts

    Although auto industry money is a bit tight at the moment, in order to sell vehicles, automakers have to buy advertising. Lots of advertising, in big, expensive campaigns with high production values and creative that's at the vanguard of style. Advertising agencies that can handle the needs of ...

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    Analysts: Say hello to the new GM, same as the old GM [w/VIDEO]

    GM explains "New GM" in new commercial – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Remember the old General Motors? Too many brands, too many models, advertising campaigns that petered out too soon, and multiple products competing for the same buyers. That's changed, officials from the new ...

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    LaNeve says that Chevy ads must change

    "Like a Rock" might now refer to how quickly Chevy drops its long-time advertising agency if it doesn't get with the program. According to Advertising Age, GM marketing chief Mark LaNeve sent a stern message to Campbell-Ewald, the agency responsible for the bulk of Chevy's ads since 1922. LaNeve's ...


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