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    VIDEO: Production Cadillac CTS Coupe breaks through in new 60-second spot

    Cadillac's Re-Ignition ad -- Click above to view the video after the jump
    With the tagline "America, we have re-ignition," Cadillac is out to reintroduce itself to buyers. After bursting out of their underground bunker, the spot showcases all of the models in the line – and at least one to ...

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    Photoshopped 2011 Hyundai Sonata shows up in dealer ad as 2010 classified

    One of our eagle-eyed readers noticed something unusual this weekend while perusing the car ads in his local paper. Long Island, New York dealer Atlantic Hyundai was promoting a low-ball deal on the 2010 Sonata. Problem is, the car in the photo is clearly NOT a 2010 Sonata. In fact, it appears to ...

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    VIDEO: Saab 9-3X commercial is all about changing perspective(s)

    2010 Saab 9-3X commercial – Click above to watch video
    Saab really has been changing perspective lately, from the look of its cars to the people who decide on the look of its cars. That kind of thing will happen when you enter bankruptcy and are sold back into the bosom of your homeland. So ...

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    VIDEO: Vintage Saab 95 is a first-class hotel room with aircraft quality

    1961 Saab 95 commercial -- Click above to watch video
    The Sixties really was a happier time – sleeping in the back of your car was such a fine thing to do that automakers even advertised their wares that were capable of accommodating their slumbering owners. This 1961 commercial for the ...

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    VIDEO: Bajaj motorcycles ad ape Transformers, proves idea is still sound even without Megan Fox

    Click above to watch the video
    Bajaj, India's largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles and holder of a 14.5% stake in X-Bow maker KTM, is known not only for innovations like adding fuel injection to small-bore motorcycles and introducing dual spark technology, but also for producing excellent ...

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    VIDEO: Behind the scenes of Castrol's "Think With Your Dipstick!"

    Castrol's "Think With Your Dipstick" campaign, one of the more memorable commercials we can recall for a motor oil, is currently plying the airwaves. An enigmatic Scotsman ambushes schlubs who proclaim "all synthetic oils are the same," delivering a deadly whip across the legs and exhorting the men ...

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    Classified Follies: Reader spots Dodge concept in Avenger ad

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the ACTUAL 2003 Dodge Avenger Concept
    There's nothing unusual about seeing a product in an advertisement that doesn't look anything like the real thing. Have you ever gotten a Big Mac that looks like the one in commercials? Classified ads for cars are no ...

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    F1 head's daughter gets racy in new ad

    Bernie Ecclestone has three daughters -- four if you count Formula 1 -- and the one you see above is Tamara, posing with a checkered flag. Why? To help PETA fight the fur trade, of course. Under the slogan "Going fur-free is the winning formula," Tamara has done a series of print ads in Europe that ...

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    VIDEO: McLaren makes a Singapore Sling Zing

    Click the image above to view the video
    We know that McLaren has a sense of humor, we simply never know when it's going to reveal itself. Happily for us, the team has decided it's time to laugh again. The Singapore Grand Prix, on September 28, is the first Formula 1 race at night, and team CEO ...

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    New BMW 7 series teased on the back nine

    Behind the man finishing his follow through (he didn't keep his head down) is a glimpse of the new BMW 7-Series front end. Freed from the matte black paint on the mules and with the right bit of studio lighting, the car has the kind of bada** mien that we should expect from the top dog BMW. And we ...

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    BMW builds big @$$ ad in Moscow

    In terms of sheer size, Russia is the largest country in the world. That must have something to do with this gargantuan advertisement found in Russia... According to the caption, the surface area measures more than 1.5 acres (billboard haters should stop complaining right about now, as it ...

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    Pioneer Suspension smooths out the sinkholes, supposedly

    The ads that get your lasting attention are the ones that make you respond. And we have no doubt that's exactly what you'd do if while cruising down the boulevard you happened upon what looked like an impact crater. When Pioneer Suspension wanted to show off the extraordinary smoothness of its ...

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    Toledo cops begin selling ads on police cruisers

    "This citation has ben brought to you by _________, for all your _________ needs. Thanks for using the Toledo PD, please drive safely and have a nice day." var digg_url = ''; The Toledo, Ohio police department needs to ...

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    Ford Taurus safety ads set to go live

    click above image to view both versions of Ford's new ads for the 2008 TaurusWhile Ford seemingly let its large front-wheel-drive sedan languish in obscurity when it was called the Five-Hundred, it doesn't intend to make the same mistake now that it's called the Taurus. We told you at the beginning ...

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    VIDEO: Skoda's Fabia is so yummy we could just eat it

    Click image for a gallery of the new Skoda FabiaThis is the ultimate car guy birthday cake. This advert for the Skoda Fabia is designed to hit you in the warm, gooey center. Right away, you're drawn in by dulcet tones from The Sound Of Music that trigger flashbacks to a Generation Y childhood and ...

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    VIDEO: Cadillac advertising in China

    Advertising a product on television can be a very complicated exercise, as each demographic and market get its own specialized message. Many people who travel overseas notice that commercials are peculiar outside their native market, and anybody that sees GM's new Cadillac commercial for the ...

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    Ad attack: Chrysler unveils new spots with "Engineered Beautifully" tagline

    Assembled in the YouTube clip above are four brand new commercials from Chrysler that the automaker hopes will convey the message that its lineup offers "world-class quality and engineering at an extraordinary value". Thus, the new tagline for the campaign is "Engineered Beautifully". The first ...

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    Video: Porsche Carrera GT promo

    Most commercials we see on television pitch products like soft drinks and toilet paper – you know, the kind of things that most people buy and most people can afford. There's certainly no shortage of car commercials, either, but they likewise typically focus on mass-market automobiles like ...

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    Shell leaves Australia in a hurry, but Ferrari will be back soon

    We reported a couple weeks ago that Shell was pouring big money into furthering its brand association with Ferrari and F1 racing by filming what was projected to be the most expensive television advertisement ever to be produced. The commercial was set to feature a Ferrari F1 car racing through ...

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    Mustang billboards blur background and their own point

    click on above image for link to more pics of blurry Mustang billboards by Ian HartThese Mustang billboards have popped up on the internet today thanks to a few advertising-related blogs that just don't get their point. The billboards are constructed from a semi-transparent resin that magically ...


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