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    Video: AdSpotting: No Joy in Bimmerville

    Company: BMW of North America Medium: TV and the Internet Ad Agency: Kirschenbaum, Bond, Senecal + Partners Product: 2012 BMW 3 Series Campaign: "The Ultimate Driving Machine" What We Like: There is no joy in Bimmerville. Not any more. In truth, BMW has not really been advertising "Joy of ...

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    Poll: AdSpotting Super Bowl Edition: Grading the Ads

    Just like Super Bowl XLVI had to have a winner and a loser, so do the commercials. We've assembled every car commercial that aired during the big game after the jump, along with a poll allowing you to vote on your favorite. To help you decide, we've graded the ads based on the opinions of our ...

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    AdSpotting: Toyota ready to kick off Camry campaign, are you?

    Company: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Brand: Toyota Medium: TV Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, LA Product: Toyota Camry Campaign: It's Ready. Are You? What We Like: What makes the Camry the right car for so many families is its overall competence in all aspects of everyday driving, and this ...

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    AdSpotting: Jennifer Lopez and Fiat "Back To The Bronx"

    Company: Fiat USA Brand: Fiat Medium: TV Ad Agency: Doner, Southfield,MI Product: Fiat 500C Campaign: Life Is Best When Driven What We Like: Technically, this is the first ad shot by Fiat with Jennifer Lopez. The first airing of the J. Lo/Fiat partnership was last month when the Italian ...

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    Video: AdSpotting: Toyota Yaris is a car, and apparently, not much else

    Company: Toyota Brand: Toyota Medium: Online Product: Toyota Yaris Campaign: It's a car! What We Like: Placing Michael Showalter in your ads earns automatic bonus points with us. These spots are pretty funny, and Showalter is the driving force behind the humor. Also, it's refreshing to see ...

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    Video: AdSpotting: Audi recognizes true greatness in the new A8

    Company: Volkswagen Brand: Audi Medium: TV Ad Agency: Venables Bell & Partners Product: Audi A8 Campaign: The Best What We Like: Audi believes its latest A8 is a truly great automobile, and it's running with this idea because it seems both Car and Driver and Road & Track agree. ...

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    AdSpotting: Chevy trucks give the silent treatment

    Company: General Motors Brand: Chevrolet Medium: TV (The Outdoor Channel) Ad Agency: Goody Silverstein & Partners Product: Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Tahoe Campaign: Silverado Saturdays/The Official Truck What We Like: GM is showing viewers how its trucks should be used with regards ...

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    AdSpotting: Kia and LMFAO introduce new Soul

    Company: Kia Motors America Brand: Kia Medium: TV, In-Cinema, Social Media Ad Agency: David&Goliath Product: 2012 Kia Soul Campaign: "Share Some Soul" What We Like: There's no denying that consumers associate the Hamstars with Kia and the Soul. Even if you came upon this commercial part ...

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    Video: AdSpotting: New Ram ads push horses as brand looks for growth

    Company: Chrysler Brand: Ram Medium: TV Ad Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas Product: Ram Pickup Campaign: "Code of the West" What We Like: There is a lot of rational left-brain advertising in the auto sector these days, especially in the pickup truck category. Take Ford, which has ...

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    AdSpotting: Prius goes funny... At Last

    Company: Toyota Motor Sales Brand: Toyota Medium: TV Ad Agency: Saatchi and Saatchi Product: Prius Campaign:"What Happens After Practice" What We Like: Going to back when Toyota launched its very amusing campaign for its Sienna "Swagger Wagon" TV ad and Youtube videos, the Japanese ...

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    AdSpotting: Kia "Joyride II" is warm, fuzzy and memorable

    Company: Kia Motors America Brand: Kia Medium: TV Ad Agency: David & Goliath Product: 2012 Kia Sorento Campaign: "Joyride II" What We Like: It's getting pretty hard to stand out. Seriously... another crossover? Kia has established a signature sound, look and feel for its ads. This ad, ...

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    AdSpotting: Lexus Declares Itself "Future-Proof"

    Company: Toyota Motor Sales Brand: Lexus Medium: TV Ad Agency: Team One Product: Lexus Brand Campaign: "Engineering Amazing." What We Like: There is a swagger in the ads, and a tone and creative quality that hearkens back to when Lexus was launching as a new luxury brand in 1989 and 90. ...

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    Ad Spotting: VW Gets Serious About Pushing Diesel

    Company: Volkswagen of America Medium: TV Ad Agency: Deutsch/LA Product: 2011 Jetta TDI Campaign: "Can I Drive" What We Like: That VW is putting some money behind marketing its clean diesel models. VW's sister company, Audi, has long been pushing its diesel offerings, while VW seemed to be ...

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    AdSpotting: BMW 5 Series "Refuel" reintroduces us to The Ultimate Driving Machine

    Company: BMWa Brand: BMW Medium: TV Ad Agency: Grey West Product: 2011 5 Series Campaign: 5 Series "Refuel" What We Like: The swagger is back at BMW. After more than a year of fooling around with "Joy" as a lead ad positioning, a new marketing team at the German automaker is re-emphasizing ...

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    AdSpotting: Jeep Compass "Bloodlines" has a steep hill to climb

    Company: Chrysler LLC Brand: Jeep Medium: TV Ad Agency: GlobalHue Product: 2011 Jeep Compass Campaign: Bloodlines What We Like: The editing and look of the ad fits with the excellent Jeep Grand Cherokee ads that agency Wieden & Kennedy created last year. There is an urban feel to this ...

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    AdSpotting: Porsches For Everyday People

    Company: Porsche Cars North America Brand: Porsche Medium: TV Ad Agency: Cramer/Krasselt, Chiacgo. Product: 911, Cayman Campaign: Engineered For Magic. Everyday. What We Like: The soundtrack, and the depiction of people using their Porsche sports cars for everyday driving and living is a ...

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    AdSpotting: Buick using March Madness to sell Regal Turbo

    Company: General Motors Brand: Buick Medium: TV Ad Agency: Leo Burnett Product: Regal Turbo Campaign: Regal Turbo/NCAA What We Like: The cinematography of the Regal in this spot makes the car look even better than it does when it sits in your driveway. And if your TV or computer speakers ...

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    AdSpotting: Ford goes global with Focus, but will it entice?

    Ford's global Focus campaign – Click above to watch commercials
    Company: Ford Motor Co. Brand: Ford Medium: TV Ad Agency: Team Detroit/WPP Global Product: Focus Campaign: Global Focus Launch What We Like: The all-new Focus is a moonshot better than the Focus we've had in the U.S. ...

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    AdSpotting: Dodge Charger gets the "Never Neutral" treatment

    2011 Dodge Charger Never Neutral ads – Click above to watch after the jump
    Company: Chrysler Brand: Dodge Medium: TV Ad Ad Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Oregon. Product: 2011 Dodge Charger Campaign: "Never Neutral" What We Like: The re-do on the 2011 Dodge Charger turned a ...


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