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    Ford Bold Moves: the video game

    If you're a video game freak and a Mustang fan, chances are you're going to pick up Ford Bold Moves: Street Racing for the PS2, XBox 360 or PC no matter what kind of reviews it gets. Manufacturer specific driving games are not a new thing, even for Ford who is now on its third version of the Ford ...

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    The show must go on: GM cancels advertising on Survivor

    General Motors has decided to pull its ad dollars out of the long running reality TV show Survivor. The automaker has supported Survivor since it began airing over 12 seasons ago. GM made the decision to get off the island about three months ago and claims it has nothing to do with the controversy ...

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    Pontiac G5 Coupe advertising online only

    Pontiac is trying a new tactic to get the word out about its new G5 Coupe. Every single ad dollar earmarked for promoting the car will be spent on online. Pontiac's marketing director Mark-Hans Richer calls it "a radical experiment". While online-only advertising may not raise Pontiac's brand ...

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    "Like always," Saturn unveils new advertising campaign

    "Like always, like never before."Sibling site Adjab reports that Saturn will be taking a different tactic in marketing its new vehicles: the Aura, Outlook, and Sky. According to the linked article Brandweek, the marketing campaign will be promoting all the vehicles as a unit with the ...

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    SNEAK PEAK: Cadillac's Super Bowl commercial

    Most of you probably didn't know that Cadillac is the Official Vehicle of Super Bowl XL. As such, GM is taking the opportunity this Sunday during the big game to launch the all-new 2007 Cadillac Escalade’s first TV spot. Called “Chrome Couture”, the 60-second ad places ...

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    Kia relaunching Optima and Sedona with new ads

    The Kia Optima and Sedona are finally receiving a desperately-needed refresh, and the company plans to relaunch the two vehicles with some creative fanfare. Commercials touting features rather than the products themselves will be a key element. In one spot, a kid is saved from crashing into gym ...

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    Ford tries yet another tactic to sell some Fusions

    Ford Motor Company is targeting the "young, hip group" to sell some Fusions via viral marketing courtesey of Norwegian pop group Hurra Torpedo. If you're surprised you've never heard of them, don't be -- the group is way far off the radar. It is an interesting idea, though, particularly ...

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    How do they do that water thing at the Jeep NAIAS display, anyway?

    If you've been to the North American International Auto Show, you've seen it. It's a HUGE rock wall with a big opening in the middle, where jets of water rain down in graphics and words, transfixing bystanders for minutes. Chrysler got an interview with George P. Johnson's John Tulloch, and he ...


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