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    Report: Australia looks to fill the void of Holden's manufacturing shutdown

    The closure of a single automotive assembly plant can be devastating on the local economy. But in Australia, they're dealing with what effectively amounts to the shutdown of its entire automotive sector. Mitsubishi closed its factory there a few years ago. Ford announced just months back that it ...

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    Report: Man arrested in Australia for driving with pliers instead of steering wheel

    We'll be the first to say that taking short cuts to keep a car on the road isn't a good practice, but sometimes, people take it too far. No, we're not talking about using a coat hanger for a throttle linkage, or driving on bald tires for one more week, even though the cords are showing. We're ...

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    Last Mitsubishi 380 auctioned for $100,000 in Australia

    There's an old saying, you only want what you can't have. It holds particularly true in the context of Australia's Mitsubishi 380. The vehicle's Adelaide manufacturing facility was recently shuttered, partially due to lack of interest in the six-cylinder sedan. However, the vehicle's ...

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    Mitsubishi set to close Australian plant

    Australia's automotive manufacturing industry has taken a blow as Mitsubishi announced it will be closing its Adelaide plant, the facility that builds the 380 sedan. The news means approximately 1,000 workers will soon be out of a job. In fact soon means very soon, as March 31st marks the plant's ...


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