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    Video: Nissan rounds up Heisman winners for latest campaign

    Nissan has unleashed a new ad campaign aimed directly at football fans. The six spots all feature former Heisman Trophy winners as they shack up in the "Heisman House," including 2011 winner Robert Griffin III as the rookie. Other familiar faces also make a showing, including the sport's only ...

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    Video: Nissan debuts first barrage of Altima ads

    Nissan has plenty to be proud of with its all-new 2013 Altima. The sedan promises to average 38 miles per gallon on the highway, which is best-in-class for a non-hybrid. The new Altima also boasts a lighter and stronger frame, increased power and quicker acceleration among its many ...

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    Video: Lincoln goes back 80 years to sell the 2013 MKS

    Lincoln has released the first 30-second ad spot for the 2013 MKS, with its seventeen intial seconds spent covering the era of Lincoln glory from 1922 to 1976. The ad almost feels like an apology for the MKS, as if the ad team really wanted to sell the 2013 MKZ but was assigned the penalty-box ...

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    Video: This is how to teach teens the perils of distracted driving

    A European group called Responsible Young Drivers wanted to showcase the dangers of texting while driving, and got ad agency Publicis to help them out. The result: a two-minute spot that put trainee drivers in Belgium with an instructor who said part of their driving test would be to avoid an ...

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    Video: Kia K9 flagship gets first commercial, trio of interior shots

    Kia has released the first commercial for the upcoming K9. The flagship sedan is set for a South Korean launch later this year, and details are beginning to emerge about the big four door. Power is said to come from either a 296 horsepower 3.3-liter V6 or a 3.8-liter V6 with 329 hp. The model ...

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    Followup: Chrysler and Pure Detroit agree to "Imported From Detroit" mediation

    Chrysler has a lot of proof that its Detroit-centric brand ads are a big hit, including the potentially illegal use of the "Imported From Detroit" name. Chrysler and clothing company Pure Detroit have been locked in a legal battle over the use of "Imported From Detroit," but it appears the two ...

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    Video: British Eurosport superbike teaser gets under our skin

    Every form of motorsport requires a certain level of integration between man and machine. Drivers need to be able to quickly and accurately interpret what's going on with their vehicle and react accordingly, but superbike racing pushes that requirement to new bounds. Overshoot a corner, get too ...

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    Video: New Ram ad joins Chevy in knocking Ford F-150

    It's probably a toss-up as to what's worse about life at the top: the loneliness or the rocks that everyone throws at you. Chevrolet recently took aim at Ford with a humorous Super Bowl commercial that not only took the unusual step of calling Ford out by name, but made claims about the segment ...

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    Video: Chevy turns to aliens to pitch Volt in Super Bowl ad

    Just when you thought you'd seen all the Super Bowl ads there were to see, Chevrolet is jumping in with a whole new spot for the Volt. The General Motors plug-in hybrid has been struggling to make sales headway for a number of reasons, including a now-closed government investigation into the ...

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    Video: Sparks fly with Honda's cool new European Civic ad

    We'll be the first to admit we weren't overly taken with the Super Bowl commercial Honda worked up featuring Matthew Broderick. The company has a long history of genuinely great advertising, and while the countless Ferris Bueller's Day Off references were clever, the ad didn't really come close ...

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    Video: Peter Berg directs Mini Roadster cliffhanger

    The Mini Roadster ad campaign is continuing the "Another Day. Another Adventure." campaign begun with the Mini Coupe. The Roadster spots, directed by Peter Berg, started with two well-dressed gents darting through the various avenues of Istanbul. It picks up with them having, somehow, nearly ...

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    Video: 2012 BMW M5 irks Welsh seagulls with a romp in the sand

    There are many number of ways you can support your country's athletes heading into the Olympics. You could watch them on television. You could follow them to the site and get tickets for your favorite events. You could buy and wear some official team apparel. But if you're BMW, none of that will ...

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    Video: Subaru of Canada gets its schwerve on

    Last time we checked in with Subaru Canada's commercial front we were greeted by the sexy side of sumo, a half ton of rikishi getting lathered up on car hoods and being fed strawberries. Woof. The wrestlers have taken a break for this new commercial, which features Subie employees and a few ...

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    In Bad Taste: Dainese ads target organ donors

    It's no secret that EMTs, firefighters and emergency room nurses have a perverse sense of humor, especially when it comes to motorcycle riders. It's a sort of defense mechanism against the visual horrors those occupations impart on those who work them, and with the mortality rate among bike ...

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    Video: Audi blurs the line between show and commercial with "Untitled Jersey City Project"

    The current state of the automotive industry is all about blurring lines. Cars and trucks used to be on opposite sides of the market until crossovers blurred the line. Coupes and convertibles have come closer together with the proliferation of the retractable hard-top. Even the line between ...

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    Video: Latest Chevy Volt ads remind us that this car swings both ways

    General Motors' latest pair of Chevrolet Volt commercials reiterate the plug-in's ability to switch between electric-only operation and "range-extended" mode – because people apparently still don't get that – by focusing on one fictional Volt owner's unexpected gas station stop. The ...

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    Video: BMW 1 Series M Coupe is off the wall(s)

    We have to wonder what it's like to be in automotive advertising. It can't all be fun and games, but the thought of sitting around, dreaming up a hair-brained stunt and then seeing said exercise come to life must be some kind of thrill. BMW has just released a new spot for the company's 1 Series ...

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    Video: Stay a Hero, Stay Safe campaign for motorcycle safety hits a familiar note

    Remember the Embrace Life seatbelt advocacy ad? The spot, which was created by The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, featured a man driving an imaginary vehicle, and when he braced for impact (in his living room), his wife and daughter rushed to form a seatbelt. The safety ad went viral almost ...

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    Marvel riffs on VW Super Bowl ad with Tiny Thor

    Volkswagen created a serious stir with its Super Bowl commercial featuring an adorably pint-size Darth Vader, and now Marvel Comics is riffing on the same theme as part of the run-up to the upcoming Thor feature film. The studio has gone through the trouble of recreating the German automaker's ...

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    New Buick "brand anthem" ad breaks during NCAA Final Four

    This weekend, Buick is introducing a new ad the company calls its "brand anthem." Car companies do this once in a while. It's almost always a 60-second TV spot meant to illustrate a new idea of what the brand represents. In Buick's case, its new anthem, to paraphrase, is "luxury for regular ...


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