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acura rdx

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    Quick Drive: 2010 Acura RDX, bring on the shield

    2010 Acura RDX - Click above for high-res image gallery
    After three years on the market, the Acura RDX is getting its first comprehensive makeover for the 2010 model year. Unlike the automaker's new TSX V6, where the changes were largely restricted to the bits you don't see, the opposite is true ...

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    CONFIRMED: 2010 RDX peeks out on Acura website

    2010 Acura RDX - Click above for image gallery
    Last week, we showed you a few photos of what looked to be the 2010 Acura RDX that had begun floating around the interwebs. A subsequent call to Acura confirmed that they were, in fact, the real deal. Now, without any fanfare, the updated compact ...

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    LEAKED: Is this the 2010 Acura RDX?

    2010 Acura RDX leaked images - Click above for gallery
    The first shots of what is allegedly Acura's pending 2010 RDX have hit the web, and unsurprisingly, the small performance crossover appears to have received the Japanese automaker's controversial corporate shield-shaped grille. Other changes to ...

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    Spy Shots: Acura RDX getting shield grille

    If you've been sitting on the car-burying sidelines waiting for Acura's buck-tooth treatment to make its way to the front end of the RDX, we have good news for you. Spy pics of the 2010 RDX show that Honda's premium crossover will soon sport the love-it-or-leave-it shielded grille. Closer ...

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    2008 Acura RDX - A sports car in a CUV costume

    Click the RDX for a high res gallery from the trackWhat's pictured above looks like a stylish, if conventional, compact crossover utility vehicle. As is so often the case, however, appearances are deceiving. While the vehicle has four doors and a tailgate, this is indeed a sports car. Acura gave us ...

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    Vote for CNET's Tech Car of the Year

    In case you somehow hadn't noticed(?!), it's not only deer and turkey season, it's also automotive award season. And here's yet another trophy for those keeping track of all of them. wants you to help decide their 2006 Tech Car of the Year Award winner. They've done the hard work and ...

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    Honda may outfit Ridgeline and others with V6 diesel

    In an interview with Automotive News, Honda's CEO, Takeo Fukui said that the automaker's newly developed diesel technology will find its way into their light truck offerings of the future.The vehicles identified by Fukui as being the likely recipients of a V6 diesel are the Ridgeline pickup, Pilot ...

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    Shady Shots: 2007 Honda CR-V

    These lo-rez shots of the new, 2007 Honda CR-V came floating across the web last night and, although their origin is a mystery, it doesn't take much imagination to see these images splattered across a brochure at your local dealership.This newest CR-V shares a platform with its up-market sibling ...

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    American collaboration on the Acura RDX

    Autoweek has an enlightening article on the development process that took place during the design and testing of the Acura's RDX CUV. Specifically, how the turbocharged 2.3-liter engine, a first for Acura in the U.S., came to fruition.As the lone American engineer on the team, Gary Evert, explains ...

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    Acura prices RDX at $33,610

    After much anticipation, Acura's RDX will hit the showroom floor on August 10 with a sticker price starting at $33,610. The vehicle, slated to compete with the likes of the BMW X3, seats five and cranks out 240 hp thanks to its turbocharged 2.3L four-cylinder engine, the first turbo'd Acura this ...

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    Next Honda CR-V caught by Aussie mag

    The next Honda CR-V due out in Japan later this year has been caught testing on the large isle of Australia with its more expensive sibling, the Acura RDX. And guess what, the darn thing’s bigger than the current model – surprise, surprise. Honda has to keep up with the Joneses, who are ...

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    Japanese automakers fuelling record profits with new models

    According to a Reuters report, Japan's five major automakers are set to post record profits as they prepare to close out their 2005/2006 fiscal year. While the depressed value of the yen has played a role in boosting profits for Japanese companies, there remains a strong link between new product ...

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    Sneak Peek: Acura RDX at speed

    The fine folks over at have somehow procured a little b-roll on.. wait for it... the Acura RDX. Go fig. At any rate, it's largely a series of straight-forward drive-bys with a largely uninvolving soundtrack, but the video is worth a peek because it places the MDX's upcoming kid ...

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    New York Auto Show: Acura RDX production version

    We saw the RDX concept at the Detroit show a few months ago and here in NY Acura debuted the production version of its BMW X3 fighter. The RDX houses underhood Acura’s first ever turbocharged engine (a 2.3L i-VTEC four-cylinder that generates 240 hp and 260 ft-lbs. of torque) as well as the ...


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