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    Video: Mercedes-Benz Actros semi fitted for taxi duty, picks up humorous fares

    The new-generation 2012 Actros big rig has already won Truck of the Year – for the fourth time – and Mercedes-Benz figured it would have some fun letting other truck people know about its semi. It kitted an Actros out in the eggshell hue and black-and-yellow sign that's standard-issue ...

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    Official: Mercedes creates "aero trailer" concept to improve big rig fuel efficiency

    Every time you drive by a semi and feel your car get pushed away from the rig, it reinforces the reality that tractor trailers punch a big, ragged hole in the atmosphere. It takes a lot of power to force those big boxes through the wind, and Mercedes Benz is working to please both fleet operators ...

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    Report: Mercedes-Benz CLC hatchback is toast

    Mercedes-Benz CLC – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Things aren't looking good for the CLC, Mercedes-Benz's small hatchback based on the last-generation (W203) C-Class platform. When the current-generation CLC was introduced in 2008, it never came to North America, mostly due to the ...


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