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active park assist

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    Video: Ford tilts pinball parkers to promote Focus, Active Park Assist

    We've got to hand it to Ford of Europe – this is one of the most brilliant marketing stunts we've ever seen. Blending the correct amounts of populist outrage, mockery of the common man, hidden cameras, big budget technology, and gritty urban realism into one literal over-the-top promotion ...

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    Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner gets more safety gear for 2010

    Ford Escape - Click above for high-res gallery
    Ford is continuing to leverage the development dollars it spends on new technology while also keeping products fresh by expanding new features to more vehicles. The latest example is the 2010 Escape and Mercury Mariner. After a body redesign in 2008 ...

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    VIDEO: Ford demonstrates automatic parallel parking

    Click the image above to view the video after the jump
    Ford's new Active Park Assist system generated plenty of discussion, ranging from those who berated the Dearborn company for following Toyota and those who thought Ford could do it better. Not having actually tried the system ourselves, we'll ...

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    Ford automates parallel parking for Lincoln MKS, MKT

    Click above for a high-res shot of Active Park Assist in action
    Admit it, you've embarrassed yourself at some point trying to parallel park. It's like they say about drivers at Indianapolis: There are those who have hit the wall, and those who will. The same principle applies when it comes to ...


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