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    AC Schnitzer gives the BMW X1 a once-over

    AC Schnitzer X1 E84 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Westphalians at AC Schnitzer have done a number on the diesel BMW X1 to come up with the AC Schnitzer X1 E84. The range of changes, options, and badging – especially the badging – is extensive. But the crux of the ...

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    Essen 2009: AC Schnitzer gives BMW 123d the police package treatment [w/VIDEO]

    AC Schnitzer BMW 123d Tune It Safe! police concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    High performance vehicles like Porsche 911s being used for pursuit duty on Germany's autobahn is nothing new. As such, in order order to grab the attention of Essen Motor Show attendees, the Tune It Safe! ...

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    Little Schnitzer: German tuner tweaks the Mini Cabrio

    AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper S convertible – Click above for a high-res image gallery
    From the base model all the way up to the JCW, there's no shortage of trim levels available for the Mini and its various body-styles. But if you're looking for something a little different, BMW tuner par ...

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    AC Schnitzer releases LCD-equipped shift knob

    Click above for high-res gallery
    Over a year ago we told you about the Indy-Cator, an LCD-equipped shift knob that displayed your gear selection. Now, the German tuning powerhouse AC Schnitzer has come up with its own version for BMWs and MINIs, and we're still left wondering if it has any ...

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    AC Schnitzer reveals aero package for BMW X6

    Click above for high-res gallery of the AC Schnitzer BMW X6 In case the BMW X6 just doesn't look "the business" enough for your liking, AC Schnitzer has revealed a new aero package for BMW's controversial segment-buster. Hot on the heels of the X6 5.0iS spy shots we brought you today, Schnitzer's ...

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    AC Schnitzer takes on the MINI Clubman S

    Click above for a high res gallery of the AC Schnitzer MINI Clubman S.The MINI Clubman isn't what we'd call overly practical, or particularly pretty, but AC Schnitzer has done its best to address the biggie-sized MINI's faults. AC's interpretation of the Clubman S begins with an increase in output ...

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    AC Schnitzer does the 1-series cabrio

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the ACS1 Cabrio.In typical AC Schnitzer fashion, the German tuner wasted no time getting to work on the new BMW 1-series cabrio. Then again, it didn't take much effort to port over the work AC did for the standard 1-series coupe to its softer, drop-top ...

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    Six Appeal: AC Schnitzer's new 6-series mods includes diesel tuning

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2008 BMW 6-Series by AC SchnitzerAC Schnitzer revamped its offerings for the 2008 BMW 6-series and is including tweaks for the 635d model. The changes boost power from the stock oilburner's 286 hp and 428 lb.-ft. to 310 hp and 501 lb.-ft. of torque. Along ...

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    AC Schnitzer knows what time it is

    In addition to tuning BMWs (and lately, beating them with an ugly stick in the process), AC Schnitzer offers a series of wristwatches. Who knew? This week, the company unveiled its Quartz Chronograph 2. Handsome and traditional in appearance (unlike some of its newer vehicle body kits), the new ...

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    Essen 2007: Details on AC Schnitzer's E92 M3

    Click above image to view the high resolution photo We gave you a preview of AC Schnitzer's version of the M3 earlier this month, and now we have the official details of the ACS3 Sport as well as more photos for your viewing enjoyment. The 4.0-liter V8 has been left untouched, but moving through ...

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    BMW 135i gets Schnitzered: 360 HP ACS1

    Click the image above for a high-res gallery.Like everything else from the propeller people, AC Schnitzer gets a stab at improving BMW's products before they're even released to the masses. The formula is the same for the new 135i, boosting power output of the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged six to 360 ...

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    AC Schnitzer GP3.10 LPG powered 3-series hits 318 km/h

    Click the image above for more shots of the GP3.10 hammering around Nardo.You might recall the AC Schnitzer crew trotting out a particularly gaudy BMW 3-series coupe in Frankfurt called the GP3.10, powered by a V10 engine pulled from the M5/M6 running off liquefied petroleum. While the styling of ...

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    Essen Motor Show preview: AC Schnitzer BMW E92 M3

    The Essen Motor Show in Germany has become one of the major outlets for Europe's aftermarket tuners to show their wares to a dedicated fan base. Among the many models set to make their modified debut in the land of schnitzel and spatzel is the AC Schnitzer BMW E92 M3.Details are scarce on what's ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #77

    We're back with Autoblog Podcast #77, and it's a Frankfurt-recap extravaganza. We discuss our favorite picks, as well as touching on some of the numerous highlights from the monster-sized show. We got a glimpse of the Jaguar XF in person, and it's better in person, but can it save Jaguar? BMW ...

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    Frankurt 2007: AC Schnitzer has gas, runs with it in GP3.10

    Click the image above for a host of high-res pics of the AC Schnitzer GP3.10For over two decades, AC Schnitzer has built its brand on motoring madness with looks to match. Normally, this involves a bevy of modifications to enhance every performance-related aspect of the vehicle, but with the ...

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    Frankfurt Preview: AC Schnitzer GP3.10 Concept

    Click image for hi-res gallery var digg_url = ''; One of AC Schnitzer's Frankfurt debuts mixes very high performance with a little bit of a greenish tint. Behold the GP3.10, a 3-Series coupe that has ...

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    'Ring-spotting: BMW M3 look-a-like receives V10 transplant

    You know you're getting a bit jaded when you pass up posting a few shots of an E92 3-series with a M5 V10 under the hood. Been there, done that, right? But we were finally compelled to share it with you when we found out what vehicle was used as the recipient – a new BMW M3. Well, that's not ...

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    Z4-based AC Schnitzer PROFILE concept should keep a lower one

    Click image for galleryWhen we first saw the AC Schnitzer PROFILE, we thought, "Man, that's a slick-looking ambulance." Then we looked more closely and realized it was a BMW Z4. The PROFILE is AC Schnitzer's latest concept creation, based on the current M Coupe, and while it has the guts of a ...

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    AC Schnitzer does up the new MINI

    Click image for hi-res photo galleryLongtime BMW performance specialist AC Schnitzer has turned its attention to the new R56 MINI Cooper S, and the result is the blue bomber pictured above. The big upgrade is the available Nordschelife-developed racing suspension (which can be combined with a ...

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    AC Schnitzer's BMW S3 does diesel right

    When the next generation of clean diesels finally make their way into the hands of anxious American consumers, we expect some tuners to welcome them with open arms. After all, vehicles equipped with turbos from the factory are begging to be tweaked, and when it comes to diesels, the results can ...


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