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    Meet seven new characters appearing in CARS 2

    Grem from Cars 2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Disney and Pixar have given us a closer look at some of the stars of the upcoming flick, Cars 2. Mater, Lightning McQueen, Sally and the rest of the crew from the first film will be joined by a host of new faces this time around. ...

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    Acer phones it in with Ferrari edition Liquid E smartphone

    For safety's sake, most of what we hear about phones and cars in the same news piece is about not dialing or texting while driving. The rest is usually about connecting your phone to your car... so you don't have to dial or text while driving. But once in a while it comes down to phones inspired ...

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    Acer and Ferrari edge closer to the netbook game

    Lying somewhere in the thin-and-light category between the well-defined netbook and the traditional full-featured notebook is the new Acer Ferrari One. The latest installation of the successful partnership between the famous Italian supercar manufacturer and Acer America, there isn't really ...

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    One Fast Hard Drive: Acer's latest Ferrari 1200 laptop

    While Ferrari prepares the replacement to the F430 and its racing team continues to fine-tune the new F60 ahead of the Formula One season opener, the company's tech partner Acer has released the latest addition to its Prancing Horse-emblazoned laptop range. Called the Acer Ferrari 1200, the new ...

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    Ferrari and Acer team up on PDA

    A Ferrari PDA. Joy of joys. People still use these things? If you must have one more thing strapped to your belt or stuffed in your pocket, might as well get the one with the Prancing Horse. That way, when everyone else pulls out their toys and starts twiddling as a way to avoid human interaction, ...

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    BMW gets in on the laptop action with Acer

    Bandwagons are for jumping on, and this one's carrying laptop computers branded by automakers. Ferrari's was among the first, then Lamborghini jumped on board, and more recently we've seen Koenigsegg and Maybach follow suit. Not to be left out, reports are surfacing that BMW has teamed up with ...

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    Newest Ferrari laptop from Acer

    Acer has announced its newest Ferrari-themed notebooks, the 5000 and ultra-portable 1000 series. Powered by the latest AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile chip running at 2.0GHz, and encased in carbon-fiber, the 64-Bit Ferrari 5000 promises a performance edge over the other supercar-logo'd ...


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