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    Official: Carlos Ghosn returns as president of ACEA

    The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (abbreviated ACEA in French) is an industry group representing all the biggest automakers in Europe, representing their common interests on the world stage. And as such it needs a leader, figurehead and mouthpiece to serve as its president, and ...

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    Read This: US and EU negotiating free trade pact to unify global auto safety regulations

    Safety and emissions regulations have long been touchy subjects in the auto industry, because they can dictate the legality of automobiles and are not the same from country to country. Fragmented regulations add costs to vehicle sales, and they inhibit the ability of automakers to offer the same ...

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    Carlos Ghosn named president of European Automobile Manufacturers' Association

    Carlos Ghosn for President! Well, President of The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association, or ACEA. The head man at the Nissan/Renault has been elected by the ACEA to act as its very own Knight in Shining Armor starting on January 1, 2009.Ghosn will replace Christian Streiff, CEO of PSA ...

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    Euro carmakers want billions in loans, too

    This week, Detroit got its $25B bailout loan approved by Washington, and according to The Wall Street Journal, European carmakers are making like this is a game of "Simon Says." The Journal reports that Fiat has proposed the idea of hitting up the European Commission for €40 billion ($55B USD) ...


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