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    Chinese man crashes Mercedes S350, vows to only drive Chinese-built cars

    Car accidents inspiring bouts of nationalism aren't all that new. However, this could be the shakiest case of it that we've heard of recently. Wang Zhan, the Chinese owner of a Mercedes S350, rear-ended a DongFeng van. In spite of the rather severe damage done to the car, the airbags didn't deploy, ...

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    Car wash worker killed when sucked into brushes

    In one of those who-would-have-believed-it accidents, an 18-year-old car wash worker was killed in Michigan when he got pulled into the machinery. Ricardo Martinez was cleaning the equipment at the end of the day with a pressure washer when, somehow, he became entangled in the machinery and ...

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    NHTSA: Back-up cameras are expensive and unreliable

    Congress asked the NHTSA to put together a report on electronic measures available in vehicles to help prevent fatalities from people being backed over. The NHTSA doesn't have exact stats on how many people are killed in these kinds of accidents because they mostly happen on private property. ...

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    Crumple zones save lives ... and hide damage

    A study by AutoBild reveals that modern crumple zones can actually hide serious damage to a car's structural integrity because of the way they're designed. There are two issues: the first is that crumple zones don't just deform in the case of an accident, they are now constructed to bounce back ...

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    Steer clear of the youngins on the road and get behind the old guy

    For drivers between the ages of 16 and 24, the price of insurance can seem more than a little unfair. While $125 per month could insure a luxury vehicle for someone in their 30s, a 16 year-old couldn't get such a rate for a Pinto. There's a very simple reason for this disparity; young motorists ...

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    Surprise, surprise: U.S. ranks 42nd out of 48 countries in deaths per capita

    When you hear that the US is 42nd out of 48 countries when it comes to number of deaths per capita, it might sound like a good thing. Until you find out that the rankings go from lowest to highest -- which means, yes, that of the measured countries, there are only six places where driving is more ...

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    Misguided youth: Teen driving distractions

    Many have observed the recent uptick in teenage drivers having accidents while text messaging, often with tragic consequences. Liberty Mutual and Students Against Destructive Decisions have recently carried out research that shows texting to be the list-topping distraction among the more than 900 ...

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    What do 5-star ratings really mean?

    When manufacturers get a 5-star crash rating for one of their models, the klieg lights and publicity klaxon get thorough workouts. Those tiny ten-sided polygons have gotten to mean so much to consumers that it's not unusual for a carmaker to drop a few hundred large on prime time commercial space ...

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    Are you an Aries? Then you may suck at driving

    Next time you smash your ride into something, just blame it on the stars. Tell the cop Mercury was in retrograde, causing your driving to follow suit and thus leading to the crash of your Mercury. Watch out if you're an Aries with an Aries - that's a dangerous thing to, a ...

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    Heads up! Friday at 4:30PM when accidents most likely to occur

    By Friday afternoon at 4:30, we're all a little weary from a week of work and the everyday stresses of life. We hop in the car to drive home with a reduced attention span and minds wandering. The damp weather, gray skies darkening towards the early sunset, and the onslaught of the holiday season ...

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    Ford plans on making stability control standard on all models

    Ford Motor Company has announced that it will make electronic stability control a standard feature on all of its models by the end of 2009. Although SUVs and rollovers have taken the brunt of the criticism, other traction-related crashes have piqued the interest of federal regulators. As we ...

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    PSA: What to do after a car crash

    Few people think about car crashes before they happen, and immediately after one occurs isn't the time to start. Therefore, putting a few minutes into post-crash preparation makes sense before finding yourself staring into a deflated airbag with a dazed look. Doug Flint from The Car Connection ...

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    "Road rage" may be result of mental illness

    A recently-released study by the National Institute for Mental Health claims that five to seven percent of the population - perhaps up to 16 million Americans - suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), or what could be colloquially referred to as "road rage syndrome". Symptoms of IED ...

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    Street-racing being driven from misdemeanor to felony

    John Benoit, Palm Desert representative to the California State Assembly, is reintroducing an amended version of AB 2190 this year. The bill addresses illegal street-racing and would increase penalties for street-racers, including a four to ten year prison sentence if someone is killed by the ...


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