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    Carstache proudly presents the Glorystache

    The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and that means that a volley of stars-and-stripes themed consumer goods are locked, loaded and headed for your nearest big-box store. But while your neighbors will likely have more red, white and blue napkins, balloons, paper plates and leisurewear ...

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    April Fools already? Lamborghini offers branded barf bag

    Lamborghini apparently has a sense of humor; how else would you explain the exotic brand's website using an image of a small paper bag with a bull logo and the automobili Lamborghini script, described as a sick bag, as the entry to the merchandise section of its website? If the performance of its ...

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    Better than a moose head on the wall: Classic Car shelves

    Now you don't have to leave the lovely visage of your favorite ponycar languishing in the dark of the garage anymore. California Car Cover Company is offering shelves that pay homage to Shoebox Chevies, '59 Caddies, C3 Corvettes and '65 Mustangs, so you now have a boomeriffic place to stash ...

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    Get your Flux Capacitors right here!

    Okay, let's get this straight. Back to the Future movies: cool. Making your DeLorean into a replica of the movie car: incredibly lame. Halfway between would be a reproduction flux capacitor. If you did buy this thing, you could certainly attain full lameness by installing in in your non-DeLorean. ...

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    Another answer to an unasked question: Saab's Little White Purse

    We're not sure why strains of "Little Green Bag" are going through our head. Perhaps because it's about as funky as this little white purse. Saab teamed up with fashion designer Osman Yousefzada to create "The Little White Purse." The impetus behind the lash-up is to reduce the approximately one ...

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    Car piercing: You've got to be kidding

    Well, well, well, we thought we had seen it all. Apparently, though, there's an endless supply of reasons to ask, what the? These crazy kids with their tats and piercings and X-treme lifestyles are taking over the world. So it shouldn't come as too big a surprise that they would share their ...

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    Happy Feet: Mercedes-Benz announces incenio designer wheels

    Mercedes-Benz Accessories has unveiled a new line of incenio designer wheels for the recently updated CL-Class that the company's been working on since a year before the car was unveiled. The new line of wheels includes the 17-inch Almach, 18-inch Eridanus, 18-inch Armida, 19-inch Denebola and, the ...


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