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    Official: Mini goes zany with latest accessories catalog

    Driving a Mini is most definitely an individualistic choice – one that not everyone would get on board with. So if you're going to go with such a fashion statement, you might as well give it your own sense of style. That's where Mini's new line of accessories come in. Available for the new ...

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    SEMA: 2013 SRT Viper with Mopar accessories shines at SEMA

    What would a new toy be without tons of new toys to accessorize it with? That's the question Mopar asked about the 2013 SRT Viper, and they answered it with more than 50 Mopar add-ons to go over, in and under the 640-horsepower coupe. The straightforward and inexpensive includes the $158 black ...

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    Paris: Toyota GT86 TRD boasts added performance gear, industry-first door stabilizer

    We haven't stopped swooning over the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ twins and their corner-carving magic. For those overseas who enjoy the rear-drive coupe under the Toyota name as the GT86, things just got a little corner-carve-ier. This GT86 TRD is everyone's favorite rear-drive, boxer-engined Toyota, ...

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    Official: You can now buy your very own Porsche Design Shuttlecock

    When using or wearing branded gear is cause to ask yourself, "Um, too much?" the answer is usually a resounding "Yes." If you're incapable of responding to this question honestly, then Porsche Design has created a new suite of accessories for you. The Colors of 1968 collection celebrates the ...

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    Carstache proudly presents the Glorystache

    The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and that means that a volley of stars-and-stripes themed consumer goods are locked, loaded and headed for your nearest big-box store. But while your neighbors will likely have more red, white and blue napkins, balloons, paper plates and leisurewear ...

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    Motionlite retractable wheel puts the spotlight on your dubs. Yes, really. [w/video]

    Motionlite wheel illumination – Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    For those of you that roll like this – and we know you're out there, so stand up – Motionlite retractable lighting provides another way for you to accessorize your alloys. Wheel illumination is ...

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    BMW Performance releases accessory line for 2011 X6

    2011 BMW X6 with Performance Accessories – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When BMW debuted the X6 M last year, we were initially a bit skeptical about how the porky crossover (still having a hard time calling it a Sports Activity Coupe) would be received by enthusiasts. However, ...

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    Bentley and Zai launch Supersport skis

    Zai for Bentley 'Zai Supersports' skis -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    Swiss firm Zai makes high-zoot skis. When the company teamed up with Bentley, the result was an even higher-zoot ski kit called Zai Supersports, composed of handmade skis and poles, and a ski bag. The skis ...

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    Porsche releases limited edition "Designed 4 Ambition" calendar

    2010 Porsche calendars and diary -- Click above for high-res image gallery
    Porsche has released info and images on its three calendars and diary that will be happy to keep you company throughout 2010. Two of them are especially focused on the Panamera, because damn it, you're going to like that ...

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    Audi centennial timepiece celebrates 100 years on four wheels with four hands

    Audi teamed up with Munich-based watchmaker Chronoswiss to create the Tachoscope, celebrating 100 years of Audi. The mechanical timepiece has a chronograph and tachometer function (to measure velocity) inspired by the Auto Unions that helped define the Audi adventure: the second hand's numerals are ...

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    Vauxhall unveils high-fashion accessories by Jonathan Kelsey

    Click above for a gallery of Kelsey-designed Vauxhall Collective accessories
    The folks charged with recasting perceptions of a brand aren't unlike home run hitters: a lot more misses than hits, but when they do hit it's often spectacular. This particular at-bat with Vauxhall, however, is probably ...

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    Detroit 2009: Ford's Mustang Alley features accessory wheels for 2010 model

    Click above the see the full lineup of Mustang accessory wheels
    Don't like the stock wheels on the new Mustang? No worries. Over at the Ford booth at this year's Detroit Auto Show, the 'Stang has its own little area dubbed "Mustang Alley" featuring a display of hoods employed through the years ...

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    Mobile microwave takes Mhz and hot food on the go...

    Have you ever been on the road and hungry, and thought "By golly, if I only had a microwave I could heat... anything... and eat it!" Well, neither have we. But that hasn't stopped Maplin Electronics from coming up with a portable, 12-volt microwave that you can operate through your cigarette ...

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    Subaru getting into bicycle business

    Subaru has decided to issue a 99-edition run of mountain bikes under its own corporate banner called the Subaru XB steel hardtail. If there's any automaker for which such a move fits, it is Subaru (has anyone even seen a Porsche or Mercedes mountain bike in the wild?). And it's not the first time a ...

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    First look at new NISMO 370Z?

    Click above for slightly larger version
    It appears that the current NISMO Fairlady Z S-Tune GT might have a replacement waiting in the wings when the new Z car (370Z here in North America) arrives on scene. The photo above is now making the rounds on the web, and at the very least, it indicates ...

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    Azentek nav-equipped SmartMirror coming end of year

    Everything is in line to be a convergence device, and now the boring rear view mirror has stepped under the lights to get stuffed with extra equipment. The Azentek SmartMirror has a four-inch touchscreen on the right for a 2D and 3D text-to-speech GPS display. It's also offers Bluetooth ...

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    Dunhill creates luggage for Bentley's lords and ladies

    Click above for more images of the Bentley luggage collection by DunhillDunhill, the English leather goods maker, has worked with then Bentley Design Team to create a five-piece luggage set. Huzzah! Not only does the fluting on the bags echo the fluting on your Arnage's seats, but the luggage trim ...

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    STRUT creates jewelry for your Gallardo

    Click above for hi-res shots of STRUT's Gallardo collectionHas that yellow Lamborghini Gallardo been sitting on the lawn for a while because it's simply not getting you the attention you want? Or have all those other LP560-4 owners made it too hard for you to use the Phone Number Collecting Set? If ...

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    April Fools already? Lamborghini offers branded barf bag

    Lamborghini apparently has a sense of humor; how else would you explain the exotic brand's website using an image of a small paper bag with a bull logo and the automobili Lamborghini script, described as a sick bag, as the entry to the merchandise section of its website? If the performance of its ...

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    GM making sure Camaro accessories are ready

    click the picture to view the videoGenuine GM Accessories are as obsessively tested as the rest of the car during the design and prototype stage. When the production tweaks are being given to the basic car, the Accessories wizards are in there too, mocking up and trying out different creative ways ...


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