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12Celebrating the Ferrari F40 and the man who raced it

The Ferrari F40 has become one of the iconic cars of the last 50 years. It presaged the supercars of the future with its extensive use of carbon fiber and turbocharged engine, but it was also old school with no traction control, stability control or even anti-lock supervision to save the driver if they got in over their head. In its latest video, XCar Films takes a look at the F40 through the lens of a man in the UK who specializes in keeping them on the road and occasionally races these quintes

4Safety outweighs emissions benefits of new A/C refrigerant for BMW

BMW has joined Daimler and, potentially, Audi in quitting an automotive industry research program studying a proposed new air conditioning refrigerant, the simply named HFO-1234yf. BMW disagrees with the test methods being used. "We do not want to say the test results are wrong, but we are not convinced the methods applied are sufficient to achieve a definitive conclusion that guarantees our high safety standards," a spokesman for BMW told Reuters.

8Renault pushes for single fast- and slower-charging port for EVs

The US may be considered one big melting pot, but it's a French automaker that wants us all to get along when it comes to standard, home-charging system and the fast-charging devices that are likely to become more commonplace.

22Daimler sounds alarm on new AC refrigerant, may be flammable

Just like the R-12 refrigerant that was phased out of cars in the 1990s, it appears R-134a is on its way out, as well, in favor of the more environmentally friendly R-1234yf. While R-134a definitely isn't as harmful to the ozone as R-12 was (which led it to be banned), the newer R-1234yf has a far lower global warming potential than the refrigerant currently used. This sounds good for the environment and all, but Daimler AG may have just stumbled upon an issue with this refrigerant that could th

13European electric vehicle charging-station revenue will jump tenfold by 2020

Here's one European "union" that plug-in advocates will support.

15Perana Z-One resurfaces with AC badge as 378 GT Zagato

We haven't heard much about Perana in quite some time, but not nearly as long as it's been since the name AC last came up on our radar screen. The progenitor of the iconic Shelby Cobra, AC Cars is one of those great many British sportscar manufacturers that has long since disappeared into obscurity. There has been talk here and there of reviving the marque with a new model, but none of that seems to have materialized. Until now. Sort of.

16Got range anxiety? Solar control glass lets you turn down the A/C

Hyundai Genesis fitted with solar control glass

11Steam Whistle Brewing's electric 1958 Chevrolet Apache

Steam Whistle Brewing electric 1958 Chevrolet Apache – Click above to watchvideo after the jump

AddWhat's the difference between AC and DC? Which is better for electric cars?

Tesla Roadster with AC drive unit - Click above for high-res image gallery

AddMobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide: recycle your refrigerant

Even though the older types of refrigerant like Dichlorodifluoromethane (R-12) have been replaced with newer types like Tetrafluoroethane (R-134a), your car's air conditioning system could still be damaging to the environment. While not as harmful as the older refrigerants, recent research suggests that R-134a refrigerant is collecting in our atmosphere and could be contributing to global climate change. Therefore, the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide (MACS) has issued a press release,

AddMythbusters' mistakes in AC vs windows down episode

Recently, I wrote an article on the debate; do you get better mileage with AC on and windows up or AC off and windows down? A comment in the article said a Mythbusters episode found you could get better mileage with AC off and windows down. The way Mythbusters tackled the myth in that episode was just horrible. The myth was revisited in another episode, which I ordered and will review soon. So, what did they do?

AddGas saving myth: Turn off your AC?

Fueleconomy.gov says "operating the air conditioner on 'Max' can reduce MPG by roughly 5-25 percent compared to not using it." Consumer Reports and Edmunds.com says you will lose 1 MPG. That's the low end of the government estimate of 5 percent if you have a car that does 20 MPG. Is it fair to call it a myth, as CNN claims?

9Project Kimber AC Smart Roadster takes shape

Following the Smart Roadster's dismal sales failure, the rights and equipment to build it were sold to a British engineering firm called Project Kimber, which, as we reported earlier, will use the diminutive barchetta to resurrect the old AC brand. Although the first sketches didn't show much change from the Smart's design, Project Kimber has now released a new rendering of the revised car, featuring some differentiating design elements. Most obvious are the new front end and the Lamborghini-sty

AddRaser to show off a new electric motor at EVS-22

In all the progress and developments we've seen on with hybrids, electric cars and fuel cells, it's a bit strange how little we've reported on the advancement of electric motors. That's something that Raser is definitely looking to change. At the 22nd Electric Vehicle Symposium (October 22 to 28) in Yokohama, Japan, the electric motor specialists will unveil a new 100 kW AC induction-based electric motor design called the Symetron P-100.

6First image of AC coupe resurrected from SMART roadster

As more information about the resurgence of AC comes to light, our excitement grows two-fold. This update, however, left us a little cold, as we expected a slightly more radical styling departure from the old SMART Roadster.

11AC will live, with Smart underpinnings

The U.K. sports car group Project Kimber has announced that they'll be bringing back the renowned AC mark, with production expected to begin in 2007. As if that's not exciting enough, they've brought in some of the most celebrated names in vehicle design. Most notably among them is Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1, John Piper who was instrumental in the JCB DieselMax landspeed record-setter and Jaguar F-Type concept designer, Keith Helfet.

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