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    Video: Celebrating the Ferrari F40 and the man who raced it

    The Ferrari F40 has become one of the iconic cars of the last 50 years. It presaged the supercars of the future with its extensive use of carbon fiber and turbocharged engine, but it was also old school with no traction control, stability control or even anti-lock supervision to save the driver ...

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    Report: Daimler sounds alarm on new AC refrigerant, may be flammable

    Just like the R-12 refrigerant that was phased out of cars in the 1990s, it appears R-134a is on its way out, as well, in favor of the more environmentally friendly R-1234yf. While R-134a definitely isn't as harmful to the ozone as R-12 was (which led it to be banned), the newer R-1234yf has a ...

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    Official: Perana Z-One resurfaces with AC badge as 378 GT Zagato

    We haven't heard much about Perana in quite some time, but not nearly as long as it's been since the name AC last came up on our radar screen. The progenitor of the iconic Shelby Cobra, AC Cars is one of those great many British sportscar manufacturers that has long since disappeared into ...

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    Video: Steam Whistle Brewing's electric 1958 Chevrolet Apache

    Steam Whistle Brewing electric 1958 Chevrolet Apache – Click above to watchvideo after the jump
    Steam Whistle Brewing is known for three things: making high-quality pilsner beer, a green-sensitive ethos and an awesome collection of '50s, '60s and '70s American iron to haul their wares ...

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    Old is New Again: AC Cars unveils Cobra MkVI gullwing in Monaco

    AC Cobra MkVI - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Chevrolet Corvette engine? Porsche brakes? Assembled in Germany? This doesn't sound like the AC Cobra we know, but lo and behold, it is what it is. Amidst the myriad Cobra replicars on the market, the original AC Cars, which touts itself as ...

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    AC Schnitzer reveals aero package for BMW X6

    Click above for high-res gallery of the AC Schnitzer BMW X6 In case the BMW X6 just doesn't look "the business" enough for your liking, AC Schnitzer has revealed a new aero package for BMW's controversial segment-buster. Hot on the heels of the X6 5.0iS spy shots we brought you today, Schnitzer's ...

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    AC Cars moving to Brooklands and Michigan

    AC Cars, creators of the original Cobra on which Carroll Shelby built his legendary roadster, is planning two important moves. The sportscar-maker, owned by Acedes Holdings LLC, is currently based in Malta. However, legal troubles in the country have prompted the company to return to its original ...

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    Project Kimber AC Smart Roadster takes shape

    Following the Smart Roadster's dismal sales failure, the rights and equipment to build it were sold to a British engineering firm called Project Kimber, which, as we reported earlier, will use the diminutive barchetta to resurrect the old AC brand. Although the first sketches didn't show much ...

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    First image of AC coupe resurrected from SMART roadster

    As more information about the resurgence of AC comes to light, our excitement grows two-fold. This update, however, left us a little cold, as we expected a slightly more radical styling departure from the old SMART Roadster.Nonetheless, Project Kimber will be producing some variant of the above ...

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    Tuner Tuesdays: AC Schnitzer BMW 6 TENSION Street Version

    Legendary BMW tuning house AC Schnitzer as unveiled a range of upgrades for the 6-Series, together forming the "TENSION Street Version". Following the concept shown last year, the Street Version offers a variety of custom add-ons to the entire range, from the six-cylinder 630i to the V10 M6. The ...

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    AC will live, with Smart underpinnings

    The U.K. sports car group Project Kimber has announced that they'll be bringing back the renowned AC mark, with production expected to begin in 2007. As if that's not exciting enough, they've brought in some of the most celebrated names in vehicle design. Most notably among them is Gordon Murray, ...


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