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    Official: ABT Sportsline coming to US, premiering AS6 at SEMA

    ABT Sportsline, known as ABT Tuning from its founding in 1967 until 1991, is a German aftermarket parts and tuning company that has focused on enhancing Volkswagens and Audis since the VW GTI bowed in 1978 (in Europe, at least) and races competitively in DTM (Germany's touring car racing series). ...

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    Official: ABT introduces 240-HP tuned VW Beetle

    Maybe you want a Volkswagen Beetle that does more than merely get noticed. Maybe you want a Beetle that... provokes. If so, you need to give German tuner ABT Sportsline a call. Tweaks are made to the 2.0-liter turbo that add 40 horsepower. A front spoiler, wheels anywhere from 18 to 20 inches, ...

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    ABT has big plans for the little Volkswagen Beetle

    Squint your eyes just so and a Volkswagen Beetle can start looking like a Porsche 911. And with good reason: the two were designed by the same man using the same basic principles. So with common heritage, it's little wonder that the latest model is already started to follow its sportier ...

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    ABT gets its hands all over the KTM X-Bow

    Click above to view the ABT X-Bow in high resolution
    Think of the most extreme vehicles on the road, and if you're brushed up on your adventurous automobiles, the KTM X-Bow should come to mind. Made by the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer and looking something like a Transformer caught between ...

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    ABT Scirocco heads to Essen

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the ABT Scirocco
    So, the Essen Motor Show is coming up. For those of you unaware, it's basically a Euro SEMA. All the tuners will be there, showing off stuff that's both decent and dreadful, proving that yes, Europeans can do bad taste as well as anyone this ...

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    SEMA 2008: GGI Tuning to carry Abt, including hot Audi AS5

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Abt AS5 available from GGI Tuning
    We've talked about Abt Sportsline's sweet range of upgraded VW and Audi offerings before, but now we have some additional good news. As you probably know if you're reading this blog, Abt offers lots of mods for the A4 and ...

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    ABT wraps Audi R8 and Q7 in carbon fiber-look vinyl, Alero is next

    Click above for a high-res gallery of ABT's line of wraps
    Last month, Autoblog's long-term fleet (AKA our daily drivers) grew by one when we picked up a thoroughly reworked, late-model German sedan. It's a masterpiece of modern engineering, complete with the amenities our spouses have we've grown ...

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    ABT Sportsline tweaks the Audi Q5

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the ABT Q5 Every time a new Volkswagen or Audi is released, German tuner ABT Sportsline can be relied upon to come up with performance and appearance packages to enhance them. The latest ride to get attention is the Audi Q5, and as you can see in the renderings ...

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    Pics Aplenty: Abt Audi R8

    Click images for hi-res galleryLast night, we showed you updated photos of Audi's A4 and A5 as reworked by Germany's Abt Sportsline. Tonight, we have a similar set of new shots from the same tuner, only this time the subject is the Audi R8, a car that doesn't need a whole lot of work to begin with. ...

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    Pics Aplenty: Abt AS4 and AS5

    click either image for high-res galleriesWe touched on Abt Sportsline's range of upgrades for the current VW and Audi offerings during last year's Essen Motor Show. Unfortunately, we only had drab-looking photos back then, and frankly, the dark backgrounds didn't do much to liven up the looks of ...

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    Roundup: Abt Sportsline at the Essen Motor Show

    Click image for a gallery of Abt's Essen rosterGerman tuning house Abt Sportsline brought everything and the kitchen sink to the Essen Motor Show, and rather than present it piecemeal, we figured we'd put the whole megillah out for you in one shot. From A4 to Touareg, the latest hardware from VW ...

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    Bus a Move: Abt T5 Sport Plus package for VW Multivan

    Click image to enlargeTo celebrate the 60th birthday of the VW Bus, Abt Sportsline has worked some of its black magic on the T5 Multivan's TDI powerplants. The Abt-enhanced 1.9 TDI produces either 110 or 130 horses, while the tuned 2.5 TDI offers up either 160 or 195 HP. Torque increases by an ...

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    Abt Sportsline's 310-horsepower Audi S3

    Click image for galleryThe latest Deutsch treat from Abt Sportsline is a tuned Audi S3. As you're all well aware, there is no S3 here in the US, nor is there a plan to sell one. The US doesn't even get the 3-door A3 that the S is based on, anyway. European drivers will be able to hand their cars ...

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    Abt Sportsline announces Audi A5-based AS5

    Click image for photo galleryOn the heels of its latest creation the Abt TT Roadster, Abt Sportsline has released the first renderings of its forthcoming AS5 coupe. Based on the hot new Audi A5 powered by the European-market 3.0 TDI engine, the AS5 gets all the thing's you'd expect from a tuner ...

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    Abt tricks out Audi's TT Roadster

    Click image for high-res galleryAbt Sportsline strongest ties to the Audi TT date back to when they ran a race version in the 2002 DTM series. Outside of racing however, Abt is known for its work modifying and tuning cars that sport the interlocking rings, and with the arrival of the TT Roadster ...

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    Tuner Tuesdays: Audi TT by Abt Sportsline

    German tuner Abt Sportsline has released the details of its rather extensive tuning program for the new Audi TT. Three levels are available: TT-R, TT-Sport, and TT-iS.The TT-R is the monster of the group, generating 355 horsepower and making the run to 62 mph in 5.1 seconds. ABT is light on the ...

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    Oil Burning Badass: Abt AS7

    Click image to enlargeAbt Sportsline has prepared a version of the Audi Q7 they call the AS7. Based on the Euro-market 3.0 TDI version of Audi's new ute, the AS7 gets a host of visual refinements that set it apart from its other bretheren on the "streets of tomorrow," as well as the requisite ...


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