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    AMG looking to go smaller than C-Class?

    Mercedes-Benz B-Class – Click above for high-res image gallery
    According to the crew at Inside Line, AMG may be looking into working its magic on a model below the current C-Class. While speaking at this year's LA Auto Show, Ola Kaellenius, the head honcho of the Mercedes-Benz go-fast ...

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    Rumormill: Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG to bring 270 hp to the party

    A few months back, word began to spread that AMG is working on a performance version of one of Mercedes' smallest cars. If true, it would not only mean giving the hi-po treatment to a segment hitherto untouched by the gents at Affalterbach, it could entail swapping a front-wheel drive hatch for a ...

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    Report: Next-gen Mercedes A-Class to draw influence from Concept Fascination, F800 showcars

    Mercedes-Benz Concept Fascination – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Things are looking up for the much ballyhooed Mercedes-Benz A-Class. While most of the motoring world has been wincing since the Silver Arrow said that it would be reworking its compact segment entry, rumor has it ...

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    Rumormill: Infiniti to offer entry-level CUV based on Benz A/B Class

    If you believe the rumors dusting up from L'Automobile Magazine, Nissan may be borrowing more than a small engine from Daimler. The French site is reporting that the two companies could be looking into sharing an entire platform in order to create a new Infiniti-badged CUV. If our Google translator ...

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    Report: AMG pondering RWD performance version of small FWD Benz

    When we think of AMG, the first thing that comes to mind is a herculean 6.3-liter V8 engine that delivers hellacious thrust. We don't give rear-wheel drive much think time because with Mercedes-Benz and AMG, it's a given. That will change for Mercedes in the next couple years with the introduction ...

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    REPORT: Toyota considering cooperation with Daimler on compact, full-size models

    According to a report from Auto Motor und Sport, Toyota is considering a partnership with Daimler to build Mercedes-Benz' A- and B-Class sub-compacts on the Japanese automaker's MC platform. The idea is to maximize the efficiency and output of Toyota's European plants, and could also include ...

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    Mercedes-Benz unveils updated 2009 A-Class

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Mercedes-Benz A-ClassWe were just talking about the A-Class yesterday and what the future holds for Merc's most diminutive model, and the German automaker reveals the redesigned 2009 model right under our noses. The updates fall far short of a full ...

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    Mercedes planning 1-series rival in 2011

    It's no secret that the Mercedes-Benz A-class hasn't been a resounding success and that the automaker is looking to revamp its entry-level line-up to better compete with rivals. According to Autocar, M-B boss Dieter "Dr. Z" Zetsche has green-lighted a new model that's taking aim at the BMW 1-series ...

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    Mercedes going solo for new A and B-Classes

    Mercedes' small cars, the A-Class and B-Class, have not been the runaway success that the German automaker had hoped they would be, partially due to high costs of production that drove retail prices up above their competitors. That's why Mercedes-Benz had been looking at forming a partnership with ...

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    Mercedes considers using next MINI platform for new compacts

    If Automotive News' sources are to be believed, BMW and Mercedes-Benz might be joining forces to develop a new front-wheel drive architecture that would underpin both automakers' compact offerings. BMW is likely in the process of developing a new platform for its MINI and Mercedes has already ...

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    Enter the rumormill: Lexus to develop 1-series rival for Europe

    The Lexus BS compact lived up to its name when rumors flew back in 2005.Those purveyors of the finest automotive speculation at Auto Motor und Sport recently sat down with Tokuichi Uranishi to discuss the finer points of Lexus' future. During the interview, the Toyota exec mentioned that if Lexus ...

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    Mercedes Benz dropping the A-class?

    Mercedes' pint-sized A-class hatch, the premium brand's first front-wheel-drive model, could be a thing of the past if news from Germany's WirtschaftsWoche proves to be true. The business weekly reports that DaimlerChrysler is planning to drop the A-class after the current model reaches the end of ...

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    Rendered speculation: Mercedes A-class

    When Mercedes decided to aim for the entry-level luxury market in the U.S., the best they could come up with was the C230 Sport, which, because of an anemic powertrain and a high cost of ownership, never quite made it into primetime. In Europe, the A-class subcompact pseudo-minivan hasn't caught ...

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    Wiper woes: Mercedes-Benz recalls 130,000 vehicles in Germany

    After a rough few years full of significant recalls, Mercedes-Benz appeared (or appears, depending on your perspective) to be getting its act together by successfully addressing its quality issues. The automaker just announced a major recall in Germany involving 130,000 vehicles windshield wiper ...

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    Baby Benz B: Coming to America?

    It's no great revelation that Mercedes-Benz has long projected itself as a premium automotive brand in the United States, where the three-pointed star is recognized as a badge of luxury. The American market has also been a driving force in Mercedes' development and marketing of large, gas-guzzling ...


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