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    Official: Mercedes-Benz integrates iPhone, Siri into all-new A-Class

    The paradigm has shifted. Normally an automaker's range-topper gets the latest and greatest technology, but with the introduction of the all-new A-Class, Mercedes-Benz is flipping that order on its head. At next month's Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes will show off the next A-Class and with it, its ...

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    Video: Production Mercedes-Benz A-Class spotted undisguised

    We've gotten various peeks at the Mercedes-Benz A-Class for a few months now, from the patent drawings to spy shots to QR-coded teasers. Then, of all things in all places, a cyclist with a handlebar-mounted camera gets a full-on shot of the real deal while riding in Lanzarote, Spain for what we ...

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    Rumormill: Expect Daimler's new plant to be right next to Nissan's in Mexico

    It was only a few weeks ago that Mercedes-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche laid out his global sales vision for the brand, aiming to be the world's Number One luxury automaker by 2020 with 2.7 million annual sales. One component of that plan is building another plant in North America, and a report by the ...

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    Report: Daimler planning to open new plant in North America

    Size still matters, but the quest to be number one is also getting more headlines. Mercedes-Benz is the latest to stake its future on taking the top slot, with CEO Dieter Zetsche aiming to be the world's largest premium maker by 2020. The specific number is 2.7 million vehicles sold that year, ...

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    Video: Mercedes teases A-Class ahead of Geneva debut

    Last we heard, Mercedes-Benz was planning to bring its new A-Class to North America, a market where the current model has never been sold. But whether it makes the trek or not, there's little question that the new premium hatchback will be a vital product for Daimler. While the current A-Class ...

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    Spy Shots: Mercedes A-Class caught out in the cold

    Mercedes-Benz is busily pushing development of the company's new A-Class hatchback, and our spy photographers have managed to click a few photos of two vehicles out for a little winter testing. The small five-door is reportedly headed to the U.S. market once it receives an official unveil, though ...

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    Report: Infiniti to sign off on hatchback model's design in January

    Infiniti is hard at work engineering a luxury hatchback for 2014, and it appears that the Japanese automaker is close to picking a final design. Dutch site reports that there are three designs on the table, and one will be chosen in January. That likely means that we won't see the ...

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    Report: Infiniti to use Mercedes A-Class platform for compact front-driver

    A partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti has been discussed before, and now, Car and Driver has some new details about what exactly could come from an agreement between the two automakers. Infiniti will reportedly borrow the new A-Class platform to build its own entry-level luxury hatch, ...

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    Video: Mercedes takes us behind the scenes of a concept car

    It's not easy designing and building a car from the ground up, and that's especially true when the resulting machine is meant to usher in a new styling direction for an established automotive marque or to put on display the latest bits of technological wizardry and high-fashion materials. Such is ...

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    Video: Mercedes-Benz shows off next-generation connectivity in Concept A-Class

    Here's the problem with decking out a high-end Mercedes-Benz with a range of infotainment functionality: The average S-Class buyer doesn't use it and the "digital natives" – those born with a mobile phone in their hands – can't afford one. That's set to change, and the Concept A-Class ...

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    Spy Shots: Mercedes-Benz A-Class spied in AMG guise

    The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is coming to the United States, and we're already eager for some seat time. And while Mercedes-Benz hasn't outright confirmed an AMG variant, our spy photographers managed to snag a camo-clad compact wearing all sorts of bulgy bolt-ons. Our best guess is that some sort ...

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    Breaking: 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class hatches a bit early

    You're looking at what appear to be the patent images for the 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The images found their way into Belgian automotive site, and you can peruse them in the gallery below. We expected the car to ditch most of the concept-crazy before it winds up in dealer ...

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    Report: Mercedes-Benz A-Class confirmed for U.S.

    Mercedes-Benz is showing off its Concept A-Class in both New York and Shanghai. Now comes word that the baby Benz is officially earmarked for sale in the United States. The crew from Car and Driver cornered the German automaker's higher-ups and got the good news. No word yet on a timetable for ...

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    Mercedes-Benz A-Class breaks down at debut, pushed on stage by execs

    The 2011 Mercedes-Benz Concept A appears to be, quite literally, all show and no go. At its big debut at the Shanghai Motor Show, the car eschewed its 200-horsepower BlueEfficiency powerplant in favor of a four-suitpower unit, courtesy of Mercedes brass. After a star-studded introduction, ...

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    Pocket Rocket: AMG reportedly working on 350-hp Mercedes-Benz A-Class

    The Mercedes-Benz Concept A has been enjoying lots of hype as the seductively-styled concept will donate most of its design cues to the upcoming 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-class. Now, the next small Mercedes has gotten even more enticing, with AMG reportedly hard at work on a 350-horsepower version of ...

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    Videos: Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class shows off its finer points

    The current Mercedes-Benz A-Class might boast some innovative construction, but it isn't exactly the most striking design the German automaker has ever come up with. The new Concept A-Class, however, now that's another story. While the outgoing production A-Class takes on the likes of the ...

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    Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class hatches ahead of New York and Shanghai

    Nearly four years ago, we heard rumors that Mercedes-Benz was considering dropping the diminutive A-class from its lineup. Oh, how times have changed. The German automaker is prepping an all-new A-class (M270), and we're now able to get some insight into what it will look like courtesy of the ...

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    Report: Mercedes-Benz planning three additional A-Class variants

    Mercedes-Benz has already announced big plans for its compact A-Class and B-Class vehicles. The platform that underpins these small cars will also form the base of a compact SUV and a four-door coupe, and according to a report from Automotive News' European bureau, three more A-Class variants ...

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    First sketch of 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class leaks out

    The first sketch of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class has made its way to the internets, and judging by the look of things, the vehicle may appear much sportier than the styling buck we saw back in January. According to, the A-Class will likely make its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show, and ...

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    Spy Shots: 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class styling buck caught in the buff

    2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class spy shot – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As the smallest member of the Mercedes-Benz line, the A-Class has had a tough time earning much credibility or respect. That could change, though, if the German automaker were able to inject a dose of stylishness ...


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