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7Woodward 2009: Invasion of the Smarts

Woodward 2009: Invasion of the Smarts - Click above for high-res image gallery

AddWoodward 2008: It's not all gas guzzling muscle cars

When most people think of cruising, the image that comes to mind is muscle cars, hot rods, low-riders and the like. The Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit is so big that it inevitably attracts all kinds of vehicles, some of which use no fossil fuels and emit no pollutants. Consider for example the four wheeled, pedal powered "Dogsled" four-seater pictured above. The Smart ForTwo was also visible in abundance on Saturday as were some decidedly downsized cars, electric cars and even a fuel cell Chev

AddWoodward 2008: Touring the NextCruise tents

Click above for more shots from NextCruise 2008

1Human-powered "Dogsled" cycle shows up for Dream Cruise

Click above for more images of The Dogsled

2Manny Lopez imagines what green-minded Politicians used to drive

Not everyone who currently cares about the environment has done so for their whole lives. Who cares? Everyone grows up, though that term means more to some people than to others. For our part, we don't have a problem with the Woodward Dream Cruise, which will take place this weekend in Detroit, Michigan. Sure, there will be lots of carbon-emitting and pollution-generating V8 engines powering Hot Rods and muscle cars for no reason other than to see and be seen. Still, these vehicles were built lo

2NextCruise green event will run alongside Woodward Dream Cruise

Every year, thousands descend upon the suburbs of Detroit for an event in late August known as the Woodward Dream Cruise. While past events have had just a little greenery, overall the event could be described as a carbon nightmare and has drawn ire from some nearby residents. Considering that the vehicles which will be taking part in the cruise represent the history of the automobile in America and the event only takes place once a year, we are not ready to condemn it just yet, though far more

AddWoodward Dream Cruise 2007: Green Cruising

This past weekend's Woodward Dream Cruise in the Detroit's northern suburbs was largely an excercise in automotive express populated by tens of thousands typically thirsty old cars. However, there were scattered examples of more environmentally responsible transportation. Chevy showed off the Volt next to the Camaro Convertible Concept and there were a couple of Smarts that could be spotted. There were also at least two GEMs and various pedal-powered machines.

2Exposing a fuel-cell future to those nostalgic for Motor City's glorious past

Last Saturday, approximately 40,000 classic show cars and nearly 1.8 million spectators gathered in Michigan for the Woodward Dream Cruise - America's most popular classic car showcase. As an automotive enthusiast, this is one of the premier events that get your adrenaline running. As an environmentalist, you're likely to be appalled by the thousands of gallons of gasoline wasted and hundreds of pounds of exhaust fumes emitted for such a spectacle. And as both, you're undoubtedly divided.

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