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9Woodward 2008: Monday morning recap

If you're the type who disappears on the weekend only to spend your first hour of work on Monday morning going through all the posts you missed on Autoblog, well, then you missed a lot this past weekend. In addition to our extensive coverage of the GM Booth Tour - Post | Gallery

2Woodward 2008: Details are everything

Click above for high-res gallery of details shots from Woodward Ave.

3Woodward 2008: Foreign invasion

Click above for high-res gallery of the best foreigners on Woodward Ave.

AddWoodward 2008: It's not all gas guzzling muscle cars

When most people think of cruising, the image that comes to mind is muscle cars, hot rods, low-riders and the like. The Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit is so big that it inevitably attracts all kinds of vehicles, some of which use no fossil fuels and emit no pollutants. Consider for example the four wheeled, pedal powered "Dogsled" four-seater pictured above. The Smart ForTwo was also visible in abundance on Saturday as were some decidedly downsized cars, electric cars and even a fuel cell Chev

3Woodward 2008: A return to the classics

Click above for high-res gallery of classics on Woodward Ave.

10Woodward 2008: The Weird, Wild and Wonderful

Click above for high-res gallery of the oddities on Woodward Ave.

1Woodward 2008: Hankering for Hot Rods?

Click above for a gallery of Hot Rods on Woodward

3Woodward 2008: Attack of the airbrush!

click the V8 powered Isetta for a high-res gallery

14Woodward 2008: Advance Automotive's Heldo

Click the image above for the Advance Automotive's Heldo high res gallery

3Woodward 2008: Cruising on two wheels

Click above for high-res gallery of motorcycles cruising Woodward

5Woodward 2008: A license (plate) to thrill

Click above for high-res gallery of vanity plates seen on Woodward Ave.

10Woodward 2008: Modern and Exotics

Click above for a high-res sampling of moderns and exotics

10Woodward 2008: Not all replicas are created equal

As long as people have been willing to pay insane amounts of money for classic cars, there have been entrepreneurs and hobbyists creating reproductions of those cars. Unfortunately, the desire to reproduce a classic and the skill to do so in a faithful manner often do not go hand in hand. Such is the case with some of the machines on display along Woodward Ave. today. In some cases like the pseudo GT40 pictured above they copies end up looking more like something out of the movie Cars than the

5Woodward 2008: Watch your step, you might squash someone!

One of the cooler aspects of the Woodward Dream Cruise is that its completely open and unmoderated. It's the ultimate "run what you brung" event. Hundreds of thousands of people sit along the edge of the road and watch everything from bikes to trucks go by and the juxtaposition can be fascinating. Seeing a giant yellow high riding pickup truck with the front end of a Chevy Kodiak bearing down on a custom vinyl wrapped Smart is definitely an interesting sight.

16Woodward 2008: It's not a concours original, MINI VTEC

Click on the MINI V-TEC for a high res gallery

7Woodward 2008: Chrysler Booth Tour at 13 Mile

Click above for high-res gallery of Chrysler's booth on Woodward Ave.

AddWoodward 2008: Touring the NextCruise tents

Click above for more shots from NextCruise 2008

7Woodward 2008: Ford Booth Tour at 9 Mile

Click above for high-res gallery of Ford's booth on Woodward Ave.

3Woodward 2008: Cruising Woodward in the Gibbs Aquada

Click above for high-res gallery of the Gibbs Aquada on Woodward

4Woodward 2008: General Motors Booth Tour Athens Coney Island

Click above for high-res gallery of GM's display on Woodward Ave.

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