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402010 VW Golf TDI starts at $21,990, rated at 29/40 mpg city/hwy - or maybe 30/42?

2010 Volkswagen Golf - Click above for high-res image gallery

6Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion detailed, available for order in UK

2010 VW Golf - Click above for high-res image gallery

20VW forecasts 30% of 2010 Golf sales in US will be for TDI

VW Golf VI - Click for a high-res image gallery

Add9ff proves they can do super-efficient as well as super-power

It is getting to be rather common these days to see a tuning company add ridiculous amounts of power to already high-performance vehicles. Some companies have earned quite a reputation for taking German designed and engineered cars and adding superchargers, turbochargers or just really big engines, such as RUF with Porshces and Brabus with Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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