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64Patents filed for Volkswagen Jetta Coupe

Volkswagen NCC patents – Click above for high-res image gallery

39What would a new VW Corrado look like? Patrick Moczarsky thinks he knows...

Patrick Moczarsky's take on a new Volkswagen Corrado – Click above for high-res image gallery

26REPORT: VW confirms Jetta name for small sedan, upcoming coupe concept could enter production

It seems that we'll be getting a new Jetta sedan next June, and it apparently won't be a slightly restyled Golf with a trunk grafted to the rear end. According to Car and Driver, VW's so-called New Compact Sedan, which will be built at the same Mexican plant that assembles the current Jetta, will indeed retain the Jetta nameplate.

31Rendered Speculation: Volkswagen SP2 redux

Click above to view a high resolution gallery of Marcelo Rosa's SP2 rendering

22VW launches teaser site for new Coupe

The formerly described "Passat 4-door 'Coupe'" is now just the Volkswagen Coupe. A teaser site has been launched that doesn't reveal too much, except, frankly, a car that looks in detail much like a Phaeton. It's reported that the engine choices to start with will number exactly two: a 1.8-liter 160-HP unit, and a 300-HP unit. Other engines are expected online in the Fall of '08.

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