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28Volkswagen brings six generations of GTIs to the track

The Volkswagen Golf and its GTI hot-hatch twin might only be six generations old, but the hatchback meant to replace the Beetle is more than 35 years old. That makes it one of the dwindling members of the old-growth forest of car models, standing in the shade of holdouts like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Ford Mustang.

14VW seeks to show its value by asking how much your life is worth

Volkswagen's UK arm has come up with a True Life Costs configurator that will put a tab on how much you spend over time depending on whether you live like David Beckham or a pensioner in Brixton. Starting with the figure that the average Briton spends £1,785,264 ($2,761,383 U.S.) over a lifetime, £6,532.17 ($10,104.38 U.S.) of that on to-go food and £669.92 ($1,036.27 U.S.) on butter, you can send that number up or down by playing with budgets in six different lifestyle categor

12Volkswagen gives Brits racier-looking Tiguan R Line

Volkswagen Tiguan R Line - Click above for a high-res gallery

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