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26Volkswagen Passat turns 40

Seven generations of Passat have graced streets around the world, and today is the long-running Volkswagen's 40th birthday. Looking at the car today, it's hard to imagine that it was offered as a hatchback in its first and second generations, in addition to the sedan and wagon body styles. But there's no question Volkswagen has sold a lot of Passats over the years, with over 20 million produced.

32Oye Como Va! After nearly 30-year Chinese run, VW's Quantum Santana to expire in 2012?

Although the Volkswagen Quantum never became the institution in the States that its successor, the Passat has, the second-generation model, known as the Santana in China, once again proved that Volkswagen is indeed the "people's car." And now, after being built domestically through a joint-venture with Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive since 1983, word is that the venerable sedan's time is limited. According to new reports, the Santana will leave VW showrooms in 2012, meaning that the Santana will

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