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AddUCS updates its hybrid scorecard, praises Mercedes S400, slams BMW X6

2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddPositive reactions to new CAFE rules abound

First reactions to the new CAFE standards announced yesterday are positive, with both the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Auto Alliance praising the new Clean Cars rules. UCS called the new 34.1 miles per gallon by 2016 number "a really big deal" that will allow Americans to "drive vehicles that save them money at the pump, cut the country's oil dependence, and produce a lot less global warming pollution." Alliance president and CEO Dave McCurdy, who has been fighting for years to get a n

AddCan this be true, does the Clean Air Act stop most of us from buying clean cars?

A story by Lawrence Ulrich on MSNBC over the weekend made a claim I think we need to explore a bit here on AutoblogGreen. Ulrich writes about driving a very clean six-cylinder gasoline engine 2008 Honda Accord, then says the car is only available in certain states:

AddUnion of Concerned Scietists to Auto Alliance: Stop spreading misinformation!

After running their radio and print ads for the last few weeks, and creating a few websites all designed to sway consumer opinion away from higher government-mandated fuel economy requirements, The Auto Alliance is back with similar tactics, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. The problem, as UCS sees it, is that the ads are only focusing on the surcharges that gas-guzzling vehicles would receive while leaving out the vital information that the other 65 percent of vehicles would qual

AddGM's Bob Lutz meets with scientists; both sides butt heads over super ecocar

The Union of Concerned Scientists say the technology to build a highly fuel efficient family vehicle is already available and on the shelf. So Bob Lutz challenged the scientists to show him.

AddThe Union of Concerned Scientists names Honda the "Greenest Automaker"

Honda has been making headlines on sites such as ours as of late with the greening of their automotive fleet. Remember, Honda is not exactly a newcomer to the world of green vehicles, their Insight brought them into the hybrid game right from the start. Not only that, the combined fuel economy of their fleet of vehicles is the best in America. They offer hybrid versions of their Civic and Accord, and have been working on their hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for years. They also have CNG versions of

Add"Out of Balance" film that attacks ExxonMobil now for sale

"Out of Balance" is a short film that addresses ExxonMobil's impact on the climate and how the company influences governments and media. The filmmakers have recently posted a two-and-one-half minute trailer on their website and have announced that the movie has been accepted by the Sierra Club Energy Film Festival. As each festival hits a city, expert panelists will also be available for comments.The movie interviews numerous scientists and draws footage from Greenpeace and Union of Concerned Sc

AddUnion of Concerned Scientists give a detailed primer on biomass

A small-town paper near where I grew up in Michigan recently published a long and detailed explanation on biomass energy. I poked around online a bit and found out it was taken from the Union of Concerned Scientists and, since the entire thing is available online, I thought I'd pass it along to AutoblogGreen readers interested in some of the details of how ethanol and biodiesel fit into the realm of biomass and other possibilities of turning plants into energy humans can use.

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