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2One Year After Its Debut, The Flying Car Is Closer To Reality

The Terrafugia Transition made its debut at the New York Auto Show last year

What do a flying car and a vacuum cleaner have in common? Over the past two years, both have been the runaway success stories at the New York Auto Show.3

7VIDEO: Fuel-sipping flying car flies!

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8VIDEO: When will cars fly? Maybe this October.

We've brought you flying car prototypes before, including the famously never-quite-completed Moller Skycar, and so in keeping with that Jetson-motive reportage tradition, we now present for your perusal the Terrafugia Transition®. This roadable Light Sport Aircraft takes advantage of the strength and lightness of carbon fiber for its body work to keep its empty weight at 850 lbs. and get about 460 miles of flying/driving pleasure from 20 gallons of super-unleaded. That's about 23 mpg from th

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