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4Honda CEO Takanobu Ito announces that Acura will add a hybrid

While speaking at the Detroit Auto Show yesterday to unveil the production version of the new CR-Z coupe, Honda CEO Takanobu Ito announced that Acura will be adding hybrid models. Ito gave no further insights as to timing or which vehicles would get the hybrid drivetrains, but we're going to guess that the TSX and TL sedans would be the first recipients of the new system. However, when we spoke to Ito last fall in Japan, he did say that Honda was developing a hybrid system suitable for larger ve

101Honda CEO: People will embrace fuel cells when they realize battery limits

Here at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda introduced its first plug-in vehicle concept in many years in the shape of the EV-N. However, during the press conference, new CEO Takanobu Ito shared the main stage with only two cars, the FCX Clarity and the new CR-Z concept. The EV-N and a plug-in Cub scooter were off on a smaller side stage. During a Q&A session with media this evening, Ito explained the company's strategy on electric vehicles.

6Honda's new CEO, Takanobu Ito; same as the old boss?

While not as exciting as Bob Lutz, Takeo Fukui - the soon-to-be-former president and CEO of Honda Motor Company - has provided us with a few attention-getting quotes over the years. With the news late last night that Fukui (pictured) will be stepping down in June, to be replaced by the current Senior Managing Director, Takanobu Ito, we thought it'd be good to look back at some of Fukui's more dramatic claims. For example:

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