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11Small car or CUV could be added to Volkswagen plant

2011 Volkswagen NMS Sketch – Click above to enlarge

5Report: Currency fluctuations put plans for U.S. Audi plant on hold

The global economy is currently doing its best impression of your uncle Larry's waterbed on a Friday night, and while that means you can get a swinging deal on a vacation to Greece right now, it also means the value of currencies around the planet are all over the map. Few manufacturers know that better than Audi. The company has just announced that it has suspended plans to build a U.S.-specific model here in the States. Originally, Audi had toyed with the idea of either building a car alongsid

56VW USA requiring mandatory fitness program before working in TN factory

Get a job, get in shape. Or something like that. Whatever you want to call it, Volkswagen is taking the rather unusual step of putting all of the newly hired production line workers at its new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee into a mandatory fitness program before they can begin working.

32REPORT: New VW mid-size sedan to start at $20,000, arrive in 2012

As part of a far-reaching interview with Stefan Jacoby, Volkswagen's North American CEO, Automotive News has fleshed out some new details about the German automaker's forthcoming Chattanooga, Tennessee-built sedan, as well as the potential viability of the Polo subcompact in the States.

11VW could cut production, new models to weather downturn

Anyone paying attention to the world economy shouldn't be surprised to hear that Volkswagen is the latest company to feel some financial discomfort. Automotive News cites Automobilwoche, which says about 2,000 VW managers will meet Thursday in Dresden with CEO Martin Winterkorn to discuss the company's future plans.

28Toyota poised to build plant number eight in US

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Toyota is in the process of scouting locations and performing feasibility studies on opening another plant in the U.S.

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