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16Shell Dialogues hosting "future of energy" webchat July 22nd

There's a lot of energy talk around here, but some of the most fun is about the future and thinking about the innovations that may forever change our perception of energy production. For example, what about solar energy beamed in from the moon? Want something a little more down-to-earth? Check out these sweating plants that could be the key to a cleaner future.

AddShell Dialogues hosting sustainable transportation, electric cars webchat May 11th

If you think back ten years ago, could you have ever imagined a day when an oil company like Shell would come forward and openly discuss the emergence of vehicles that operate without a drop of crude? We didn't see it coming back then, but the times they are a-changin'.

5Shell signs multi-series sponsorship deal with Penske Racing

For years Marlboro has been nearly synonymous with Penske, its racing cars (in open-wheels especially) adorned with the tobacco company's red-and-white color scheme for decades, even if their name hasn't appeared on the cars since 2005. But after 19 years in racing together, Marlboro parent company Phillip Morris ended its sponsorship of the motor racing dynasty earlier this year. Now it appears that Shell Oil could be taking its place.

AddOil reserves in the news: new discovery and a question of inflated numbers

Let's set aside the political and environmental reasons for getting off oil to make a statement that focuses just on the ability to predict the price of gasoline: if we knew how much black gold was left in the ground, things sure would be a lot easier. This point is emphasized by two recent articles, one from the Sydney Morning Herald that says that we have a lot less oil reserves underground than we've been led to believe and the other directly from Shell that says that a whole bunch more oil

AddShell CEO: electric cars are old news, biofuels are the future

Shell has stated its preference for hydrogen and biofuels in the past. What they haven't gone out of their way to do, though, was to aggravate electric vehicle fans by dismissing their powertrain of choice. Royal Dutch Shell CEO, Jereoen van der Veer, has filled in that little oversight yesterday in Germany. Speaking to the Associated Press, van der Veer said that, "My milkman used to drive around in electric cars a long time ago ... What's new?" He then said that EVs require too much infrastruc

26VIDEO: Ferrari F1 cars take to the streets in Shell commercial

This video brings the term "street racing" to a whole new level. We had told you about this commercial while it was being filmed in the beginning of February, but now we have the final product to share. In what was reported to be the most expensive television commercial ever created, Shell filmed a variety of historic Ferrari Formula 1 cars blasting through the streets of some of the world's greatest cities. The crew visited Rome, Monaco, Rio, Sydney, New York and Hong Kong during the month-long

13Shell giving out free Ferrari stickers

To celebrate another season of teaming with Ferrari on both road and track, Shell Oil has issued a set of stickers depicting the fabled cars from Maranello. In addition to shots of the new F1 car, there are also stickers featuring both of the current drivers, the new 599 GTB Fiorano, and the logos of both Shell and Ferrari. Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa are both giving a thumbs up, apparently satisfied with their debut performance from Australia in the 2007 World Championship. If this seems li

AddToyota Racing Series will use ethanol next season

The premier single-seat racing class in New Zealand will burn a biofuel during the 2007/2008 season. Officials for the Toyota Racing Series say Shell and Anchor Ethanol Limited are developing the ethanol-blended product. The move follows the lead of other racing series such as the IRL to switch to ethanol. Manufacturers like the fuel as a way to demonstrate green initiatives.

AddShell president prefers E85 from biomass waste, not corn

Shell president John Hofmeister is touring the country as part of a 50-city dog-and-pony show to explain high gas prices and listen to consumer concerns about the oil industry, the environment and just about anything else on the minds of his customers. It's a bold move, considering the public sentiment toward big oil. But I'm personally aware of Shell's efforts to strike a green chord in the hearts and minds of the public. I get calls or emails from Shell representatives every week, offering to

AddWho supports a higher federal gasoline tax? Environmentalists and economists

It's time to take a serious look at our country's federal gasoline tax. According to the New York Times, it's been set at 18.4 cents per gallon since 1993. This is FAR lower than any other industrialized nation. The article also points out that according to the International Energy Agency, America's overall gas taxes in August averaged just 40 cents per gallon while Britain and Germany were at $4.24 and $3.99, respectively.

AddGM developing home-based hydrogen refueling station

According to USA Today, General Motors is building a prototype home hydrogen refueling station. Honda also has a home model in the works.

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