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AddSAE 2010: Affordable technology key to meeting the 2016 CAFE rules

Affordability as the watchword Tuesday as automotive engineers at the SAE World Congress discussed how to meet the new 2016 corporate average fuel economy standards. Automakers will have to get their fleets to an average of 34.1 miles per gallon (35.5 equivalent with other factors for the EPA CO2 limits). Most automakers are already well on their way to this level with their next-generation designs. However, to do it they will have to make improvements to virtually every model in the entire flee

AddSAE 2010: General Motors investigating battery electric urban commuter for 2015 and beyond

2010 Chevrolet Spark – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddSAE 2010: Next-gen Ford Ecoboost engines to get even closer to diesel with cooled EGR

Over the course of 2010, Ford plans to aggressively ramp up its Ecoboost engine strategy with two new four cylinder engines and the first rear-wheel drive application of the boosted 3.5-liter V6. However, this is just the beginning as Ford is already hard at work on the next generation of Ecoboost engines. At the SAE World Congress on Wednesday, Dan Kapp, director of powertrain research and advanced engineering, and Bob Fascetti, director of large gas and diesel engine engineering, will be annou

AddFord creates suggestion box for consumers, what do you want?

Questions, comments, snide remarks? Please, tell us what's on your mind by filling out a form and dropping it in the suggestion box on your way out the door. While such items may be rather common at some retail establishments, finding such a direct line to the people that run America's largest automotive companies... well, that's just a new idea entirely, no?

AddSAE 2010: GM confirms next generation two-mode and mild hybrids coming

AutoblogGreen had a chance to chat with Micky Bly, executive directory of hybrid vehicle development and batteries at General Motors the evening before the opening of the 2010 Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress. We asked Micky about GM's plans for hybrid vehicles going forward. While its former partners Daimler, Chrysler and BMW all seem to be backing away from the two-mode hybrid system, GM remains fully committed to the technology.

AddSAE 2010: Ford confirms Explorer, F150 Ecoboost, ups production target to 1.5M

On Tuesday, Ford's VP of global powertrain development Barb Samardzich will be addressing the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress in Detroit and Ecoboost will again be at the top of her agenda. Samardzich will confirm that before the end of this year, three more Ecoboost engines will be in production at Ford. The 1.6-liter inline-four Ecoboost will be built at the Bridgend plant in Wales and debut in the new C-Max people mover.

AddSAE 2009: Honda's fuel cell friendly exhibit

It's no secret that Honda - even with a new and popular hybrid, the Insight, on the market - doesn't see a bright future for plug-in vehicles. Nope, the Japanese automaker is all about hydrogen, as the company's booth at the SAE World Congress made abundantly clear. There was an Insight on display, as were Honda's walking assist devices, but the main message was: here's how fuel cells work and here's why Honda will make them the right way. You can pretend you're on the scene by clicking through

AddSAE 2009: Torotrak mechanical flywheel KERS, likely coming to next Jaguar XJ

Adding an electric motor and battery to a vehicle is just one of many ways to create a hybrid. We've seen hydraulic hybrids being tested in a variety of commercial vehicle applications. Torotrak has an altogether different mechanical system based on flywheels. The Torotrak system first came to our attention a couple of years ago when the FIA proposed allowing kinetic energy recovery systems on Formula One cars. Subsequently, at least two F1 teams licensed the Torotrak system for use, but none ar

AddSAE 2009: FEV proposes Wankel rotary as range extender

As more automakers are working on extended range electric vehicles, the issue of NVH is becoming even more of an issue than in existing parallel hybrid vehicles. With vehicles that operate predominantly in electric mode minimizing the impact of starting up the range extender or auxiliary power unit is critical. Companies like General Motors are working hard to make sure the range extenders operate as quietly and smoothly as possible, but small piston engines inherently have some degree of vibrat

AddSAE 2009: SAE J1772 plug standard could be finalized by this fall

The SAE task force that is currently working on a standard for a conductive connector for plug-in vehicles could finalize that work as soon as this fall. The proposed plug standard is currently going through certification testing at Underwriters Labs and that work is scheduled to be completed by the end of May. If the testing is successfully completed, the standard will go to balloting which could result in the standard being adoped within a few months.

AddSAE 2009: FEV shows off Dodge Caliber ER-EV concept

click above for a high res gallery of the FEV Dodge Caliber ER-EV concept

AddAutomakers and utilities reach agreement on plug-standard

Just days after General Motors put out the call to settle on a plug standard for electric vehicles, it appears that an agreement has been reached - in Europe at least. The plug design will be unveiled at a German technology fair on Monday by energy company RWE. The plug design uses three prongs and will support charging at up to 400V. For starters, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Toyota and Mitsubishi have all agreed to the new standard.

AddSAE 2009: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes shopping for his next HUMMER

Schwarzenegger with military hybrids - click for a high res gallery

AddSAE 2009: FEV will bring Dodge Caliber plug-in hybrid concept to Cobo

We're looking forward to seeing Raser's plug-in 100 mpge HUMMER at the SAE World Congress next week. Raser's partner in that project, FEV, will also bring along a Dodge Caliber to Cobo Hall next week, one that has had a powertrain transplant and now runs off of electrons as well as gasoline in a range-extended electric vehicle (ReEV) set-up. The concept powertrain was intended as an internal R&D project "to evaluate different options for the engine/generator unit, and the associated calibra

AddRaser Technologies E-REV SUV coming to Detroit, promises 100+ mpg

Last year at the SAE World Congress, Raser Technologies announced it had, along with FEV, designed a plug-in hybrid powertrain for large trucks. Earlier this year, Pacific Gas and Electric ordered two converted vehicles that use this lithium ion system for testing in their fleet. The potentially exciting number here is that the vehicle is expected to top 100 mpg, but we all know that the way these claims are calculated are notoriously varied. There's a little more to hang our hat on with the 40

AddCA Gov. Schwarzenegger coming to Detroit for SAE World Congress

Dr. David Schutt, EVP and Chief Operating Officer of the Society of Automotive Engineers, today announced that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would come to Detroit on April 20. Schwarzenegger will deliver an opening keynote address to the SAE World Congress, the annual gathering of mobility engineers from around the world. Schwarzenegger has been a strong proponent for green mobility in recent years (he used to have another persona) as well as a vocal supporter of his state's request

AddHonda picks "Racing to Green Mobility" as 2009 SAE Congress theme

For the first time, Honda will be the host company for the Society of Engineers World Congress in 2009. In keeping with the company's long-standing and competitive motorsports heritage, the theme of next year's event will be "Racing to Green Mobility." Honda themselves are preparing to present 50 technical papers at the Congress and the company will be encouraging other companies to get heavily involved with both presentations and booths as well. Bosch will be Honda's primary Tier 1 partner for

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